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UT :: Actor >> Triggers (Package: Engine)
UT2003 :: Actor >> Triggers (Package: Engine)

This is a class of actor that is meant to cause Events when activated.


Triggers is the base class of a number of actors designed to do unique things when they are touched and/or triggered. Some subclasses are used to handle the passage of events, while others are used to perform specific tasks that are commonly needed. The base Triggers class has no functionality of its own.

For a summary of what the various classes are used for (though the page is mainly geared toward UT99), see types of trigger.
For more information and tutorials see the dynamics topic page.

Trigger Classes for Specific Games and Engines

Follow these links for specific information on Triggers for the games/engines indicated:


Dr.AwkwArD: So, you think that maybe this should become just a hub for all things trigger? I'm thinkin' that we make this a very general topic page describing the basic, universal purpose for triggers with links to the trigger class for each of the major games (U –if anyone cares–, UT, UT2003, U2, UT2004). Then, more specific info on how those triggers are used can be addressed in their own section. The trick will be to label, very clearly, which concepts/proceedures are universal through which engine/game build. A common complaint I hear about the WIKI from the outside world (and I complain about it too–which is why I wanna do somethin' about it) is that it is often unclear which version of Unreal information is regarding. Anyway, enoughwith the sermon–your thoughts?

Tarquin: hmm, not a hub, I think there's a "topic" page somewhere for that. But it's the parent of all trigger classes, so it's logical to put a summary of them all here. This is the 2k3 page (notice the icon). follow the link at the top for the UT page.

Dr.AwkwArD: I do. My plan was to move this content to Triggers_(UT2003). Then this page, Triggers, can become the non-game-specific parent page for all trigger classes. That's what I was gettin' at when I said "hub." I defintely think that these "parent pages" should not be game/engine/build specific; but rather should contain links to the game-specific info for their respective class. Yes/No?

SuperApe: The immediate problem of changing the title of a page, or moving content to another page, is that other pages on the site already link to this page by title. It might be better to just fill in what's missing and leave large organization shifts like that as a topic for discussion in MetaTopics.

Tarquin: yes, having "class hubs" was one of my thoughts now we have so many different versions of the engine. SuperApe, I'm not even sure all the links have been updated to this page to point to the 2k3 or UT version. So I think we might as well just copy-paste the content and have people update links in future as needed.

Dr.AwkwArD: SuperApe, you're probably correct. However, since this issue has been driving me crazy (and Tarquin seems to think it's worth doing), I've gonne ahead and moved the UT2003 content to Triggers_(UT2003). I'll try to turn this page into a proper "parent page" ASAP. Obviously, more info can be provided here and I'm sure it could be prettier. But at least it's a start. BTW, what Category should these "parent pages" be? I've changed this to "Mapping" for the moment–but it just doesn't seem right...

Tarquin: Category Class :)

Dr.AwkwArD: After changing this to Category:Legacy Class, I realized that there is no such thing... Does that Cat need to be created, or do you have another suggestion?

SuperApe: Tarquin means Category Class <Unreal Engine Version>, like Category:Legacy Class (UT2004). I've added the object path hierarchy above and that Category Tag. This is a class page afterall. We should have properties, functions, etc. defined and a class tree set up.

Category:Legacy Class (UT)

Category:Legacy Class (UT2003)

Category:Legacy Class (UT2004)

Category:Legacy To Do – Fill in property definitions, function, event and state definitions, standard class tree. Combine all other Triggers pages to here. Linkage to Trigger Systems, Dynamics, Types of Trigger, etc.