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This is the base class of a number of actors designed to do unique things when they are touched and/or triggered. Some subclasses are used to handle the passage of events, while others are used to perform specific tasks that are commonly needed. The base Triggers class has no functionality of its own.

For a summary of what the various classes are used for, see Types of Trigger. For more information and tutorials see the Dynamics topic page.

Triggers for Other Games and Engines

See Triggers (UT2003) for the UT200x version of this class.

Known Subclasses

  +- BioFear (UT only)
  +- CodeTrigger
  +- Counter
  +- Dispatcher
  +- DistanceViewTrigger (UT only)
  +- ElevatorTrigger
  +- FadeViewTrigger (UT only)
  +- FatnessTrigger
  +- FearSpot
  +- Jumper
  +- Kicker (UT only)
  |    +- Trampoline (Custom Script)
  +- MusicEvent
  +- RoundRobin
  +- ScreenTrigger (primary actor for the Screen script package)
  +- SpecialEvent
  +- StochasticTrigger
  +- TranslatorEvent
  +- Trigger
  |    +- TeamTrigger
  |    +- TimedTrigger (UT)
  |    +- ZoneTrigger
  +- TriggeredDeath
  +- TriggeredTexture (UT only)
  +- UT_Jumper (Custom script) - Works on Bots instead of Monsters.

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