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A Modeling Application.

Some tips for those who have truespace and would like to bring their models into UED3. It's slow, it's painful, but it works.

  • Be sure to triangulate the object before exporting
  • Note: Avoid cones, they crashed UED3 on my machine. Will test other primitives and advise. It's unlikely that subdivision surfaces or nurbs surfaces will come over (nor is it likely feasible).
  • Export created object as an ascii 3d Studio object
  • Open UED
  • Import the brush
  • Add it
  • Texture from within UED but save often as coping textures from one triangle to another will eventually crash UED (on WinME) even doing nothing eventually crashes UEd on Win98/ME o_O →Wormbo
  • Convert the newly created BSP to a static mesh (if necessary)

I have not tried texturing from within Truespace and then exporting a 3D Studio object. Will test and advise. It's likely this isn't an option as it's likely that Caligari's export is rudimentary.

(This is my first Wiki editing so shout if I've messed something up. If so, my apologies.)

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