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This page is meant to be a full list of types of triggers, with a few paragraphs briefly explaining their purpose and giving links to more detailed pages. This is the page to check if you need a trigger to do something particular but aren't sure which type is appropriate.

For an overview of triggers and events, see Event; for all topics relating to triggers see the Dynamics topic page.

Standard Triggers

Don't add a BioFear manually. Automatically created by bio rifle blobs where they hit the ground. This tells a bot to avoid this point while a BioRifle blob is present there.
CodeTrigger works with a CodeMaster actor; checks a sequence of triggers against a stored correct order. Use for, say, a set of buttons that need to be pressed in the correct order to open a door, or a monster that is unleashed if the player does things in a certain order.
Counter fires an event after it has been triggered a certain number of times. A good example of how a counter works is of a door that won't open until four buttons that unlock it are all pressed (but the order they are pressed in is irrelevant).
Dispatcher fires several events at specific times when triggered. Useful for firing off a sequence of events, or for creating events that repeat. Trigger Systems often use dispatchers.
When it is triggered, a DistanceViewTrigger will automatically search for pawns that are less than a configurable distance away from it. The DistanceViewTrigger will then trigger all pawns that it finds in this way. (only present in Unreal Tournament)
Tells an ElevatorMover to go to a specific key.
FadeViewTrigger fades out the view of the player that touches it. This was used in the cinematics at the end of CityIntro.unr. (only present in Unreal Tournament)
When triggered, the FatnessTrigger alters the fatness of an actor from one state to another, over a set time interval.
Monsters will avoid the vicinity of the area around the FearSpot actor. This is good to prevent monsters from jumping off ledges to their deaths.
When a pawn or player touches this trigger, it causes that pawn to jump. It's a more crippled version of a Kicker, but at least it can be found in Unreal 1.
A Kicker kicks what triggers it. Used for jump-pads. (only present in Unreal Tournament)
This type of trigger will change the music that a player hears when it is triggered. It can be used to change the music entirely, turn the music off, or specify the track of a disc in a CD-ROM drive to play.
The RoundRobin holds a list of events. Each time it is triggered, it fires an event from the list, starting with the first and advantcing each time.
SpecialEvent is sort of mixed bag of tricks that does completely different things depending on what its Object -> InitialState property is set to.
StochasticTrigger automatically triggers random events at random intervals. To control the randomness of this trigger, editors can specify a minimum and maximum amount of time between triggerings, and they put the events to be triggered in a list of events. Also, editors can specify a random chance of the trigger failing, even after all other factors are taken into account.
TranslatorEvent is used to contain a text message that is readable by any player carrying a Translator in his inventory. The trigger will make a noise when the player touches it, and then the player will have to turn on his Translator to read the message he has just recieved.
The basic Trigger class. When something touches it, it fires off an event. While this is a very simple operation, the Trigger has a large number of variables that can be used to control the process. Examples of these variables are what kinds of things will cause the trigger to work when they touch it, and how quickly the trigger will work again after it has just been set off.
TriggeredDeath, when triggered, kills the player, causing screen flashes and sounds. In package UnrealShare.
TriggeredTexture controls a ScriptedTexture (UT) and allows you to switch between different textures displayed on a brush surface. Used, for instance, for the monitors in in AS-OceanFloor that initially display "Computer online" and switch to "Computer offline" as soon as a terminal has been destroyed. (only present in Unreal Tournament)
A TimedTrigger (UT) causes an event after DelaySeconds seconds. It can be set to repeat.

Third-Party Triggers

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