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UMake is a Windows-based wrapper tool for "ucc make" that makes setting up Unreal-engine projects for compilation and compiling them a matter of a few mouse clicks. Current version: 1.2 (2004-06-01).

http://mb.link-m.de/umake/ (only links version 1.1)
mirror for version 1.2

Created by Mychaeel.

Pending Changes

Listed by priority. (Items at the top will likely be implemented first.)

Auto package dependencies 
Checks packages added to the "Dependencies" list for further not-yet-resolved dependencies and gives the user the option to automatically add them. (So you only have to know which packages your code directly depends on, but not which other packages those packages need to compile.)
Project wizard 
Guides programmers new to UnrealScript coding through the process of setting up their first mutator (or something like that).
Make backups optional 
Add a checkbox (enabled by default) to make backup copies of the compiled packages optional, and another checkbox to make restoring the last working package version if compilation fails for good measure.
Make up-to-date warning optional 
Add a checkbox (enabled by default) to make the "Your package seems to be up to date, compile anyway?" warning optional.
Inter-process communication 
Add a command line parameter /parenthandle to pass a window handle that serves as UMake's parent window. Also, add a parameter /notifyhandle to specify a window that receives user interface notifications from UMake (compilation failure/success, browsing error/warning messages, clicking the "Edit" button).
Console wrapper 
Small console application called UMakeConsole.exe that wraps UMake (a wrapper for a wrapper) and translates its notifications into console output.
Support indicative compiler warnings 
Support <source>(<line>): Warning, <message> warnings.
Customizable drop-down menu 
Customizable drop-down menu in UMake's progress window. Menu items can be added/configured either only for the current project or globally.
Internal package recompilation warning 
Warn if the user attempts to recompile any of the packages that were bundled with the game.

Added in 1.1

Always show details 
Checkbox in options to start UMake with details displayed.
Recently compiled projects 
Added a drop-down list to the launcher's project directory edit field that contains the most recently compiled projects for quick access.
Auto-select project 
Scans a game directory (given in UMake's command line along with the new parameter /auto) for UnrealScript projects and compiles the most recently modified one (checking the UnrealScript source files' modification dates).
Extended desktop shortcut options 
The Create Desktop Shortcut button in the Options dialog opens a secondary dialog box providing extended options: Generic UMake Shortcut (like before), Project Shortcut (creates a shortcut that compiles the currently loaded project), and Most Recently Changed Project (uses the new /auto switch to automatically select and compile the most recently changed project).

Pending Fixes

Listed by priority. (Items at the top will likely be fixed first.)

  • "Project Shortcut" option remains disabled when the dialog had been opened once before without a project loaded.
  • Don't display "Finishing" when the compiler is cleaning up after detecting an error. Display "Failed" instead. (Possibly open the compilation error tab at this point already.)
  • The sound default settings taken from the user's current sound scheme may contain path placeholders like %SystemRoot%. That might not even be a bug provided PlaySound knows how to deal with them, but that should be checked just to be sure. If PlaySound doesn't substitute those placeholders itself, UMake has to do it.
  • Add a few more plausibility checks and "Are you sure?" dialogs for various UMake options like the source editor field – presence of an application file name at the beginning of the command line, presence of at least %errfile% or %package%.
  • If UMake has to guess a class file name, use the package the compiler processed last for that.
  • Only enable the Edit button if the source file actually exists.
  • Make "No valid project directory found for package ..." error message a bit more descriptive (how does UMake recognize a "valid project directory"?).

Fixed in 1.1

  • UMake displays "Error occurred before compilation" if an error message not following the format <source>(<line>): <message> comes up. Some error messages after compilation don't contain an explicit file name, but a package/class reference like <package>.<class>. UMake should find and properly interpret such references as well.

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