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This is the flak cannon for UT. It's a short range weapon which gives much damage and has a high firing rate. Max ammo is 50, and in a FlakAmmo pack 10

Primary Fire

Fires 8 UTChunk projectiles. This is a good mode if you aren't good at aiming or if you have a high ping, because it spreads over a wide angle. The shards bounce off the walls, so you can shoot enemy's around a corner, but watch out when firing at a wall in front of you :D

Damage (hardcore) 8*24=192, Rate of Fire 1.4/sec

Secondary Fire

Fires a single flagslug which will burst open into 8 UTChunks. This can be used for longer range. The secondary does have splash damage.

Damage (hardcore) 105 for the explosion, and 8*24=192 for the shards. in total 297 damage. RoF 1/sec

I got the damage info from the UT FAQ


Wormbo: We're not really a strategy site, so a little more technical info wouldn't hurt here...

Doomsday: theres also a smily face on the Flak Shell :)