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UnEditor.mll is a plugin for Maya used to aid in the export of static meshes and skeletal meshes.


This plug-in, specifically written for Maya PLE 4.0.1, exports Maya scene objects directly to UnrealEd 3. Static meshes are exported into the Static Mesh browser as components of .usx packages, and skeletal meshes export to the Animations browser as components of .ukx packages. Documentation for the plug-in's use is available when launching the version of Maya PLE 4.0.1 that shipped with the original UT2003 release (CD#3).

Maya 4 and 4.5 PLE users who have had problems getting the added Scale attribute of their model's export set to work properly can download the unEditor.mll version at the link below. This is a copy of the original plug-in version, dated 9/18/02.

Tests indicate that a later version dated 10/28/02 (offered as a downloadable replacement, and which may have been on some CD pressings of UT2003) ignores the Scale attribute when exporting models from Maya 4 and 4.5 PLE. If you've had this problem, the earlier version may help.


Available for Maya Complete/Unlimited versions 5 and 6 from UDN/Two at:


Installation Guide

This section is meant to help in the initial setup of the UnEditor.mll plug-in and the related UnrealEdExport shelf. This information is suspiciously lacking in other online documentation. This covers setup for UT2004.

  1. Download UnEditor.mll
  2. Run the .exe installer (Note: you need both the related Maya version *and* UT2004 installed)
  3. Open Maya (a new session is recommended)
  4. Go to Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-in Manager... to open the Plug-in Manager window
  5. Where you see UnEditor.mll, hit the checkbox next to Load
  6. Type the following in the console line (a text bar near the bottom of the Maya interface), "source UT2004Export.mel" (this is case sensitive; without the quotes)
  7. Hit Enter
  8. Type the following in the same console line, "UT2004Export"
  9. Hit Enter

This should create a new shelf tab named, "UnrealEdExport", with four useful buttons.

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