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C++ class library for decoding (reading) Unreal packages

This is a collection of C++ classes that can be used to read the cumbersome Unreal packages. It is NOT the Epic code so it is free of copyright issues. The package also has the JFIF library included for creating JPEG images.

Potential uses:

  • see UTCMS
  • analyzing map contents
  • automatic game server administration (creating needed uz packages)
  • use Your imagination for more

You can get the zip from http://furpile.com/UTCMS/DownLoad/Utilities/UnrVarpu.zip (offline) or http://dma.no-ip.org/UT-Downloads/Development/UnrVarpu.zip (working as of Sept. 9th, 2002)

If You have any suggestions or find bugs in this library, I would appreciate to get a note of these.


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