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This article covers the UnrealEd 2 (UT) user interface. See also:

Main Window

Legacy interface-Ed2-main.gif

The areas of the UnrealEd main window are:

  1. Title bar and UnrealEd Main Menu
  2. Along the top: the toolbar
  3. Down the left-hand side: the toolbox
  4. The UnrealEd Viewport area: each viewport is one window in the main section of UnrealEd.
  5. the Console bar, which includes the UnrealEd Console, grid control and a few other buttons.


Floating Windows

Many of UnrealEd's functions are accessed through floating windows.

Property Windows

These are called up from the View menu. In addition, the Actor and Surface properties can be summoned from the toolbar or by right-clicking actors or surfaces and selecting 'properties' from the right-click menu.

Resource Browsers

These allow resources to be loaded & then selected to be placed into a map. All of these windows maybe be docked into a master browser window for convenience.

Tool Windows

Some of the items in the toolbox have associated windows.

  • right-clicking on one of the brushbuilders in the toolbox opens a parameters window
  • right-clicking on the 'Add mover' button in the toolbox pops up a list of mover types.
  • the lower-right button in the brush operations group opens the Add Special window when clicked

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