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A page to list bugs in UnrealEd. Please add to this page, comment on bugs, etc. Unreal Mapping FAQ has some more solutions to a few common problems. See also Crashing UnrealEd for a list of things to avoid.

UnrealEd 3

Interface Issues

  • FIRST! If you have graphics issue, try updating your video card's drivers.
  • UnrealEd 3 does not like video card antialiasing. Turn it off if you have trouble with UnrealEd because you have your video card's antialiasing settings turned on, turn them off.
  • On occasion no viewports will appear at startup. To change this, select View -> Viewports -> Configure... and change the viewport setting. This causes UnrealEd to rebuild the interface a little bit and shows your windows. You can then change it back by using the same method.


  • If you try to smooth terrain near the edges of a terrain map, it will do one of two things: It will cause weird almost-unfixable jaggies in your terrain; Or it will cause UnrealEd to crash. To stop this from happening, make the terrain map a little bit bigger than the area you want to map. If this conflicts with other geometry, use the terrain visibility tool.
  • The Terrain tool in UnrealEd can be a bit flaky at times. Save often and don't trust the autosave.
  • Terrain will be removed at times when using add/subtract red brushes to create rooms.


  • Changing the lighting of multiple light sources simultaneously must be done using the slider, trying to select the button to choose color/intensity causes a crash.

UnrealEd and Graphics Card Settings

  • UnrealEd can clash with certain graphics card settings. If you are having problems with selecting, or with adding textures, go to This Thread.

Static Meshes Editor

  • Trying to 'Refresh Karma Primitives' when the mesh has no collision hull causes a crash.

Tools and Tool Configs

Console Commands

  • The dumpint command crashes UnrealEd. Use the DumpIntCommandlet for UCC instead.

UnrealEd 2 Bug List

Vertices coming together

  • One thing to look out for while vertex editing is that you don't move and drop a vertex at the same position of another. It'll crash UED.

Filenames and paths

  • UnrealEd doesn't like file paths of over a certain length; nor does it like spaces in filenames.
  • For example, when you import a texture with a long pathname and/or filename, it will get cut off. This will result in UED being unable to import and use the texture.
  • Filenames should be a maximum of 10 characters when saving; any longer than this and the file extension will be changed (e.g. to ".un" instead of ".unr").
  • The same goes for levels. Opening a level which is nested deep in the directory structure, will result in the pathname + filename getting cut off and UED won't load the level cos it cannot find it. (see Texture Import and Export for more)

(De)intersecting sheets

  • When intersecting or deintersecting a sheet, the sheet brush's form will break up, creating a distorted brush which will not work when added. So don't do this. It is perfectly safe to have the whole sheet function as a zone portal/decoration even if it doesn't exactly fit in its place. (And there's still Vertex Editing, as long as you don't move vertices onto each other as described above.)

Actor class selection

  • UEd2 has problems differentiating between two classes with the same name but from different packages and different subclassing. See Torin/Decoration Problems In UEd2

Exporting map files

  • UEd2 does not export a package name as part of the actor class when it exports a map file. This causes problems if there are multiple objects with the same name but from different packages. See Torin/Decoration Problems In UEd2

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RegularX: I think I found a new one. I have Brush Builder View, like where you select the cube/cylinder/etc to the right. There's the little triangle/bar that goes above it, but no actual brushbuilder toolbox. Any suggestions?

GRAF1K: Click on the triangle.

RegularX: Yeah. That was like the first thing I tried. No dice. No toolbox appears. Deleting the unrealed.ini file didn't help either.

MythOpus: Save all needed files somewhere else on HD and re-install :O :)

DDSquad: The problem is most likely a missing "EditPackages=Editor" line under the [Editor.EditorEngine] section of your UT2004.ini file. This happened to me and in my case I think it was UDE's fault.

LionsPhil: Should there be a node for "UCC bugs"? The parser, in particular, is pretty horrendous in places. You can confuse it with whitespace in structure initialises, for goodness' sake, or the lovely construct "/* foo */// bar", which then seems to comment out the following line as well (even more confusing when WOTGreal/UDE/Vim get it right).

Wormbo: For UnrealScript language bugs see the new related topic link above.

Likemikes: I've been having trouble with the Texture Property Dialog buttons not working correctly! They disappear when you try to use them, and are being placed over the input fields instead of under the texture! Any suggestions?