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UnrealEd is the all-purpose map editor for the Unreal engine. Each game uses a different version, which we list here in the interests of sanity. The UnrealEd Interface reference page always covers the most modern version of the Editor.

UnrealEd only runs under Windows. If you have a Mac or Linux version you'll need either a seperate PC or an emulator and a PC version of the game. On a PC, look for the folder that your game is installed in: usually C:\UnrealTournament. Look for a folder called System inside this. In there, you should find an application called UnrealEd.

UnrealEd 1

UnrealEd 1 is the old UnrealEd created in Visual Basic. Prone to fearsome crashes. You can easily identify this version of the editor by the toolbox: UnrealEd 1 has 3 buttons across in the toolbox, later versions have 2.

Use at your own risk. Save and save often!

Bundled With

Unreal 1
Patch the game to 226 to get minor improvements, but don't expect miracles.
Unreal Tournament versions 400 - 420
Patch the game to 436 to get UnrealEd 2.
Deus Ex
Get the SDK.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen
Runs out-of-the-box if the appropriate VB5 runtime libraries are installed. If not, install UnrealEdFix4. No upgrade available.
Klingon Honor Guard
Runs horribly out-of-the-box, patch to v1.1 to get major improvments.
Nerf ArenaBlast
Doesn't run out-of-the-box. Requires a few files that belong in your Nerf\System folder:
  1. Download these three files and save COMCTL32.EXE and threed32.exe in your Nerf\System folder. It doesn't care where you save UnrealEdFix4.exe.
  2. Install UnrealEdFix4
  3. Install COMCTL32.EXE
  4. Double-click threed32.exe and unzip the file into your Nerf\System folder
  5. NerfEd should work now! Have fun!
source: www.NerfArena.de.vu
direct link to the NerfEd article on the "Downloads" page: www.NerfArena.de.vu - NerfEd
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UnrealEd 2

UnrealEd 2 is a 100% rewritten C++ version. It's installed when Unreal Tournament is patched to version 420 or higher. Patch UT to 436 for additional enhancements to UnrealEd 2.

You can identify this version by the toolbox scroll bar: it's a full-width window scroll bar. In later versions it's a tiny narrow bar.

Bundled With

Unreal 1
Unofficial 227 patch changes UnrealEd to 2.0.
Unreal Tournament
When patched to 420 or higher
The editor bundled with Adventure Pinball
The editor bundled with Mobile Forces. Patch v2000 is supposed to fix editor issues.
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UnrealEd for Deus Ex
This is a hacked version of UEd 2 designed to work with DX. It has some drawbacks - like classes' meshes aren't drawn in it, but it's stabler than UEd 1 that's bundled with the SDK.
The editor bundled with X-Com Enforcer

UnrealEd 3

UnrealEd 3 based on UnrealEd 2. add the new features and enhancedments other toolsets and interfaces. It does not run terribly well on Windows 9x: it tends to crash after about 30 minutes of editing, no matter what you do. There's no real fix, other than save often and get Windows 2000 or XP. (Or perhaps run it on wine;)

T1: I run win98 and UT2004's UnrealEd used to crash as stated all the time. I upgraded my memory from 192MB to 512MB and my 1.1ghz Duron to a 2.something ghz Athlon, but kept win98. Since then, UnrealEd 3 crashes much much less often. It still crashes, after all, it's UEd, but it's much better.


Bundled with

  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Unreal 2
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • XIIIEd
  • RavenShieldEd
  • POSTed
  • DAMNed (Eternal Damnation)
  • DevastatED
  • America's Army Mission Editor
  • DeadEd: The editor for Dead Man's Hand [has Path Break option and IgnorePaths]
  • LOTDEd: The Land of the Dead Editor [has Path Break option and IgnorePaths]
  • ROEd: Red Orchestra Editor
  • UnrealEd for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Edition
  • UnrealEd for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Edition
  • UnrealEd For Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Edition
  • UnrealEd for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Edition
  • Star Wars Republic Commando Editor
  • SwatEd: The editor for SWAT4
  • T3Ed: Thief 3 Editor
  • Swat4Ed: The editor for SWAT 4
  • TVEd: The editor for Tribes 3 Vengeance
  • UnrealEd for Brothers In Arms Raod To Hill 30 Edition
  • UnrealEd for Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood Edition

Early version of Unreal Engine 3 UnrealEd

early version of the Unreal Engine 3 for UnrealEd. this version based on UnrealEd 3. adding new toolsets such as kismet, cascade, enhanced matinee, etc...

New version of Unreal Engine 3 UnrealEd

Unreal Engine 3 UnrealEd is a 100% new design, new frameworks, new interfaces. supports for new next generation toolsets. this version of UnrealEd intended to be significant enhancement and adding major new features until 2012 with Unreal Engine 3.

Bundled with

Solid Snake: It appears after much discussion on IRC, that UnrealED v1 was written in C but that front end was vb, or something like that. I thought it was written entirely in vb. Doesn't appear so.

Evilmrfrank: This page is near to useless. Other pages give a whole lot more information about the Unreal Ed versions and differences then this does and they aren't even labeled "UnrealEd Versions"

Tarquin: which pages?

Pumkin: No it is not. I am new to UnrealEd and for me it is very important to have a compact overview to understand the basic things.

Offramp:The links for Nerf Arena Blast that have just been added are useless since there is nothing there and should editor versions of MODs be included in this?

GreatEmerald: The unofficial Unreal 1 227 patch lets UnrealEd 2.0 be used in Unreal 1. It should be mentioned here.

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