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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Controller >> PlayerController >> UnrealPlayer (Package: UnrealGame)

General functions of this Controller class:

  • Custom announcer packs
  • Killing spree messages
  • Advanced taunt handling, such as avoiding excessive reuse of the same taunt
  • Login menus, including server-forced display of the menu



int MultiKillLevel 
float LastKillTime 


bool bRising 
bool bLatecomer 
Entered multiplayer game after game started.
bool bDisplayLoser 
Set in PlayWinMessage at the end of the match.
bool bDisplayWinner 
int LastTaunt 
float LastWhispTime 
float LastTauntAnimTime 
float LastAutoTauntTime 
string CustomizedAnnouncerPack (globalconfig) 
string CustomStatusAnnouncerPack (globalconfig) 
string CustomRewardAnnouncerPack (globalconfig) 
array<string> RejoinChannels (transient, globalconfig) 
Channels which player was a member of during last match
array<string> RecentServers (globalconfig) 
IPs of recently visited servers - always in order with RecentServers[0] being the most recently visited server.
int MaxRecentServers (globalconfig) 
Max length of RecentServers list (0 = always show login menu).
bool bDontShowLoginMenu (globalconfig) 
Don't show the login menu unless forced by the server.
bool bReadyToStart 
Ready to start the game - used to prevent player from clicking in until he's had a chance to see the login menu.
string LoginMenuClass 
Set by replicated function called by DeathMatch to the name of the login menu.
bool bForceLoginMenu 
Set by replicated function called by DeathMatch to whether it wants to force player to see login menu.
float LastKickWarningTime 
string NetBotDebugString 
Used in DisplayDebug.

Known Subclasses

  +- CinematicPlayer
  +- DemoRecSpectator
  +- xPlayer
       +- utvSpectator


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