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The wiki is both your resource and your responsibility. Even if you have limited experience or available time, you can help.

Do one thing to help the wiki every day!

A wiki doesn't run itself. It's a bit like a garden: things grow, and you need to keep it tidy with a bit of trimming and weeding. Wikis rely heavily on Wiki:WikiGnomes to stay healthy.

This page lists things you can do to help. If you have a spare moment, there's always little things each of us can do that add up to make a big difference in the usability of this place.

Things To Do

Quick stuff

Got a couple of minutes? Click on Random Page and...

  • Clean up any misspelled page titles: Put [[Legacy:Hello World|Hello World]], not [[Legacy:Hello_World|Hello_World]].
  • Wikify new pages: Create inline links, add a "Related Topics" section, move any comments to a "Discussion" section.
  • Tag long thread mode discussions with Category:Legacy Refactor Me and a brief note on what specific info needs to be merged with the page text.
  • Tag pages that need obvious work with Category:Legacy To Do, include a brief description of the work needed as a note next to the tag.
  • Tag pages with Category Tags from the list found in Category:Legacy Category. Tag class pages with Category:Legacy Class (UT), Category:Legacy Class (UT2003) or Category:Legacy Class (UT2004).
  • Browse through Category:Legacy Category pages and identify those pages in every category that don't belong there; then either remove the wrong category links on those pages or "screen" them by adding an extra vertical bar at the end of the link, like Category:Legacy Category.
  • Clean up class pages: (As an example, see MinigunAttachment. It was originally posted with only the Source Code.)
    • Add class hierarchy bar at the top. (Example, {{classbox| [[Legacy:UT2003|UT2003]] :: [[Legacy:Actor|Actor]] >> [[Legacy:Pawn|Pawn]]}}: see Guidelines On Technical Names for more.) Include package name in parentheses.
    • Add properties; Main and Hidden, including variable type and any remarks from the code.
    • Add important or unique functions and events, try to include brief descriptions and the argument variables with variable types.
    • Add states, try to include brief descriptions.
    • Tidy up and update subclass trees, then tag with Category:Legacy Class Tree. (See NavigationPoint as an example)

A Bit Longer

About half an hour...

Big Jobs

Expect to eat dinner late...

  • Pick a page from Category:Legacy To Do and make it better! Follow the notes given on the tag.
  • Clean up main topic pages: Find pages that have poor or outdated organization and re-organize, re-link to make it applicable to all versions. Make them useful hubs for information and quick reference.
  • Clean up tutorial pages: Try to make applicable to all versions, simplify them by judiciously editing and inserting of basic procedure links. If you can find a link to a UT200x version page, link to it.
  • Clean up images, make a list on Images of files we can delete (or delete them yourself)
    • Find unused images
    • Find duplicates
    • Find dross (defined)
  • Find pages which essentially duplicate each other and merge them. After an old page has been merged, tag it with Category:Legacy Delete Me and a brief explanation of why it should be deleted and where the info has been merged.

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