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Developer(s) Legend Entertainment
Publisher Atari
Release Date Febuary 2003
Supported Platform(s) Windows
Official Web Site http://www.unreal2.com/
Demo Windows
Latest Patch Version 2001 – 25th March 2003
Unreal Engine Version [[Unreal Engine Versions/2 Unreal Engine 2.0]]
UnrealEd Version [[UnrealEd Versions UnrealEd 3]]


Unreal II: The Awakening is a first-person shooter video game, designed initially only for a single-player campaign. The game is part of the Unreal series.

It is set in a different part of the universe to Unreal; according to the Epic timeline is set somewhere in or before the year 2251, whether it is a true prequel or sequel is debated as there is conflicting evidence. It has a different bestiary of weapons, enemies, allies, environments, items, locations, and more. The main tie in is the appearance of the dreaded Skaarj aliens from the series.

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System Requirements

Operating System 
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III or AMD Athlon 733MHz processor (*Pentium® or AMD 1.2 GHz or greater RECOMMENDED)
256 MB RAM (384 MB RAM or greater RECOMMENDED)
Hard Disk Space 
3 GB Free
Audio System 
Windows® compatible sound card (NVIDIA® nForce or other motherboards/soundcards containing the Dolby® Digital Interactive Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital audio.) Sound Blaster® Audigy(tm) series sound card RECOMMENDED
Video System 
32 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX or better (64 MB NVIDIA GeForce3/ATi Radeon 8500 or better recommended). DirectX version 8.1 (included) or higher.
An Internet connection is not required to play this game. However, files created with Unreal Editor may be shared and/or downloaded. An internet connection and a 33.6kbps or faster modem (cable/DSL recommended) is required for sharing and downloading.
Dual-Core Performance Note 
This game, along with most older Unreal games, does not run well on dual-core systems with power management. Check with your processor maker for a patch or utility to fix this. An AMD patch can be found here under Dual-Core Optimizer.




Useful Information

New Features of Unreal 2

AI Scripting

Allows a level designer to script various AI events. Scripts are held in the Scripts/ directory where U2 is installed. The main advantage is that you don't have to use UnrealScript or load up UnrealEd to work with the scripts.

AI Scripting

Dialog Engine

This allows "spoken" interaction with NPCs. Arguably, dialog was not used to full effect in the game, but arbitratily complex dialog can be constructed due to integration with the AI scripting.


User Interface

Legend developed their own User Interface/HUD system, presumably for flexibility, and of course speed, because they implemented smooth fades. They've used a kind of Component Object Model, where a given UI is made out of various containers and UI pieces.

The UIs are defined in text UI scripts, with pretty simple syntax. They are located in the UIScripts/ subdirectory.

The system is implemented via UIConsole, which is more-or-less an interface to a number of static functions which are the interface to the native C++ code. Interaction between UnrealScript and the UI is acheived by sending events to the UI, and in the opposite direction via the CodeMonkey class.

The UIScripts appear to completely specify the layout of the UI, and any events that require a response. Appearance is determined by textures in UIResT.utx.

User Interface

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