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Unreal Engine 3 UnrealEd

This page is for the interface of the new UnrealEd shipped with Unreal Engine 3.0 games like RoboBlitz and Unreal Tournament 3. See also:

Main Window

Legacy UE3UnrealEd MainWindowMasked.jpeg

The areas of the UnrealEd main window are:

  1. Title bar and UnrealEd Main Menu
  2. Along the top: the toolbar
  3. Down the left-hand side: the toolbox
  4. The UnrealEd Viewport area: each viewport is one window in the main section of UnrealEd.
  5. the Console bar, which includes the UnrealEd Console, grid control and a few other buttons.


Generic Browser

AnimSet Editor

Static Mesh Editor

Material Editor

The Material Editor is the new tool shipped with UE3 UnrealEd to create and edit Unreal Engine 3 Materials/Shaders in a very intuitive way.

Legacy UE3UnrealEd MaterialEditorMasked.jpeg

The areas of the Material Editor window are:

  1. Title bar and Menu
  2. Along the top: the toolbar
  3. On the left-hand side: the preview window
  4. The Material expression area: here you can construct a network of shader expressions that controls every aspect of your material.
  5. On the right-hand side: the Material expression list, from which you can select and drag&drop Material expressions for the use in the Material expression area.
  6. The properties window: here all properties of a selected expression can be set.

Note that the layout of areas 3-6 can be changed freely according to your preferences and workflow.