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An all-in-one application that has:

  • Information about maps
  • Screenshot viewer
  • Texture viewer
  • Play sounds
  • Play music
  • Installer
  • Umod viewer
  • Umod maker
  • Multi language
  • Export of most files

URL: http://www.planetunreal.com/unrealtorment/Start.html

Screenshot: http://planetunreal.com/unrealtorment/scrUO.html

Direct download: http://dl.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp?planetunreal/unrealtorment/UOsetup.exe

RDGDanClark: Looks like a good app, will there be a version that supports UT2k3? (I see from the screenshot that it only supports Rune, Unreal, UT, and WoT).

Sobiwan: Dunno. Have you emailed the author at the URL?

RDGDanClark: No, I figured I'd ask the question here since the page was created so recently that the person who put it up would still be hanging around the wiki and might have some further information to add to the page.

EricBlade: Their web page was last updated in 2k2... :|