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Vehicles were properly introduced by Epic at UT2004. They are modeled as Skeletal Meshes (See SVehicle). If you want a vehicle that spawns, takes damage, drives around the map under player control, etc. Then the SVehicle is the place to start. In UT2003 there was an early prototype vehicle, the Bulldog, only used in the test map VehicleDemo and not available in game. Alternatively, vehicles used as scenery can be implemented using movers or static meshes.


Here is a brief list of stock vehicle classes for UT2004.

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Kedren: Would it be even slightly feasible to add a tutorial explaining how to add a vehicle to a map and make it usable? I'm trying to get to grips with Ued and it seems that vehicles are a particularly complex area... either that or I'm just terminally thick :) I'm trying to add an ONSRV vehicle to a DM map that I'm building just to learn with, and when I get to the place where the vehicle should be, all I see is thin air :) Thank you. :)

LordRichard2: I've tried to make an SVeh with a turret (tank) and a passenger turret and room for 4 passengers. I've modeled it but setting up bones,animating,coding, and position is very hard for me. Can someone show me a custom vehicle script i can modify and use as a base. I've tried modifying the ut2004 source but it gets tons of errors. I can use milkshape maya and am learning 3ds max i recently got...

sweavo: Factored out the pre-ut2004 vehicles stuff because it's a completely different type of information. I imagine that the 2004 stuff will continue to apply in UT3, whereas the old page (now at Vehicles Pre2004 is all about how to hack vehicles out of thin air!

amitakartok: As far as I know, you can only add vehicles to gametypes that support them (AS, ONS, VCTF). In AS, place an ASVehicleFactory, go to it's propertities, SVehicleFactory then select the one you want in VehicleClass. In ONS, use an ONSVehicleFactory in the same way, however these will auto-associate with the nearest powernode/powercore. The sole exception is the two spacefighters. If you try to spawn them, they will crash into the first surface they meet and explode. I didn't understood this for a while, until I read that they have a minimum velocity setting and are coded to explode when touches a surface. I opened AS-MotherShip so I now know the workaround for this. Use a terminal or something, linked to an ASTriggerUseAndRespawn. Select a PlayerSpawnManager (not sure if works) anywhere in the map, and link it to a PlayerStart in mid-air. Finally, enter into the properties of the spawnmanager and select the ForcedPawnClass, enter the vehicle of your liking and off you go... I'm currently experimenting on Torlan by placing a ship onto the towers' of the bases, then making it fly around the map. The only problem is, how can you exit without dying?

computergod666: I think the way that Unreal engines handle vehicles has a few flaws. In order to create a vehicle, do you have to make a model for it? For those of you who are familiar with the Half-Life series, moving objects are created as "brush-based entities" – similar to movers in Unreal. What Unreal really needs is a vehicle class that is a subclass of mover. Alternatively, there could be a simple trigger, positioned relative to any existing type of mover, that allows someone to step into the vehicle and drive it. I'm willing to code this for UT, because I think using models for anything simple like vehicles or crates is a waste of time. It would be so much easier to make dynamic brushes.

KhaaahM: In the SVehicle properties under "Advanced", set the "bGameRelevant" to true and the "bNoDelete" to true aswell. Then go down to "Vehicle" and set the property called "Team" to 255. Rebuild and play and VOILA! Instant action with your vehicle on a DM map = flawless victory... You're welcome

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