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The Viewport Caption Context Menu is one of the UnrealEd Menus in the UnrealEd Interface. It contains options that affect the display within the UnrealEd Viewports. These settings are independent for each viewport.

To summon the menu, right-click anywhere on a viewport title bar.

Viewport Title Bar, with the menu


The same range of options as the title bar icons: see UnrealEd Viewport


These are all commands that toggle visibility of certain elements in the viewport. Some of these have equivalent keyboard shortcuts, which work in the viewport that is active.

menu item element controlled keyboard equivalent
Show Active Brush red builder brush B
Show Static Meshes static meshes W
Show Moving Brushes mover brushes
Show Volumes Volumes O
Show Backdrop visibility of the SkyBox on backdrop surfaces K
Show Coordinates erm... it's b0rked?
Show Paths Shows the paths bots will take. Different [[Bot Pathing path colors]] have different meaning.
Show Event Lines Red lines which join an actor's Tag and Event properties to other actors which match them. NOTE: static meshes (eg movers) do not seem to display these properly. E
Show Selection Highlight the shading effect on selected surfaces (blue) and actors (pukish green). Very useful for lining up textures (select then hide). S
Show Terrain terrain T
Show Distance Fog Distance Fog F
Matinee Rotations
Matinee Paths
Show Fluid Surfaces Fluid Surfaces
Show Karma Primitives Shows bsic karma elements (cylinders, etc).
Show Collision the pink collision wireframes of static meshes etc
no menu item BSP geometry. Great for seeing bot paths: hide this and static meshes. Q


This menu is slightly buggy, and tends to show "Hide Actors" as ticked, even though it's not actually the current selected option.

menu item element controlled keyboard equivalent
Full Actor View Shows everything (resets the view to default).
Information Displays each Classes class name, along with their Event and Tag variables. I
Icon View Shows all placed classes (other than Light and PathNode as the UEd Eagle.
Radii View Show the collision cylinders of selected actors in light blue. In an Orthogonal Viewport, Lights will show their [[Actor/Lighting LightRadius]] as a blue circle (red in UT), and any actor with the Sound -> AmbientSound property set will show another red circle representing the SoundRadius.
Hide Actors Hides all Actors, including static meshes. H


Whether you want the UnrealEd Viewports rendered in 16- or 32-bit colour.

Lock to Selected Actor?

Locks the relevant viewpoint to the selected Actor - you have to align the camera after you do this.

Show Large Vertices?

Draws a large red square in the centre of brushes that have large vertices.

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