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This is the reference page for the context menu which appears when open space in a viewport is right-clicked. For UnrealEd Interface menus in other windows and context menus, see UnrealEd Menus.

If you right-click on an actor, brush, or surface, you'll get one of these:

For menus in other windows and context menus, see UnrealEd Menus.

If you can't see this menu, it's probably your graphics card's anti-aliasing. See UnrealEd Bug List.

Menu items

submenus with the usual commands
Cut the currently selected actor(s)
Copy the currently selected actor(s)
3 options...
Add <class> here 
adds a new actor of the class currently selected in the Actor Classes Browser window. If nothing happens, try lowering the grid setting.
Tip: You can do Actor Context Menu -> Make Current to quickly pick a new class based on the actor you click on.
Add <static mesh>
places a static mesh here, based on which one is currently selected in the static mesh browser
Add Karma actor
Add path node here 
adds a PathNode actor
Add player start here 
adds a PlayerStart actor
{custom items} 

You can add custom items in the menu here by editing UnrealEd.ini's [PopupActorList] section:

Item0=Path Node,PATHNODE
Item1=Player Start,PLAYERSTART
Item#={Menu text}, {ACTORCLASS}

Add light here 
adds a light
select a new grid size from the submenu
places the pivot where the mouse was right-clicked, or at the nearest grid point with the snapped command.
Level Properties 
opens floating Level Properties window