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VisualUC++ is an UnrealScript IDE made by the creater of CSHP, DrSiN. This program is for Unreal Tournament only. It does not work with UT2003.

A brief list of its features:

Fully customisable syntax higlighting for:

You can completely configure the syntax higlighting to your needs.

Header templates for new files 
This feature automaticly adds a fully configurable template to your newly created UC files
Auto correction 
Code templates 
If you need to type the same piece of code a lot of times, normally you would have to copy/paste it. In Visual UC++ you can write your own code templates. Once you've made one you can always include it in your code by pressing one key combination and selecting it from the list that will appear.
Completely configurable 
Visual UC++ is a completely configurable editor.
Project Managment 
You can manage the content of your packages directory from within Visual UC++; Order your source code in virtual folders; View the textures in your Packages' texture directories; Listen to sounds, and much more.
Communication between VUC++ and VC++ 
Visual UC++, can handle C(++) and header files itself pretty well, but if you own Visual C++ you can make VUC++ open the C(++) files in Visual C++ for you. You can even make VUC++ add them to your workspace.
Import textures and audio files 
Typing all those #exec's lines can be boring as hell so let VUC++ make them for you! Easy to use wizards make you import your textures/audio files in a matter of seconds.
Compiling and testing your code 
No more batch files, no more command line arguments! Visual UC++ compiles the code for you. And if something goes wrong VUC++ automaticly jumps to the line where the error/warning occured. You can specify the arguments you want to send to your Unreal engine based game for testing.
Post/Pre compile scripts 
After or before you compile your code, you can let VUC++ execute simple scripts, for example to back up your UC files
Class browser 
Just like in UnrealEd you can check the complete hierarchy of all classes in VUC++. You can search it for a specific class. You can also view the classes for each package. This makes it easier for you to find classes.
Default Properties 
Just like in exported UC files you can view the default properties in the source code itself. VUC++ also offers you the option to view/edit the default properties in an 'UnrealEd style' window

You can download the latest version from:

http://www.midnightinteractive.com/VUC (link currently broken)
http://www.unrealscript.ru/utils/utils.html (It's Russian, but the important stuff is in English.)

Visual UC++ is an open source application, the source can be found on the forums of VUC