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Have always been interested in programming and 3D graphics. Im proud to have produced MOD's for the Unreal engine / UT2004.


  • 2D/3D GFX design
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Scripting/Coding
  • Film SFX
  • Music.
  • Movie/Film production.

Mapping Tutorials/Methods.

Custom Scripts.

Template scripts


Vehicle Tools.

Note: These scripts will only work with ONSVehicles, but they will work in any game mode.

Custom Movers.


  • RandomRelocator: A single actor teleporter with random spawn points:.
  • JumpingTeleporter: A single actor teleporter that physcaly kicks an actor into a teleport.
  • WormHole: This actor will teleport almost anything that comes in contact with it.

Installing the Mod

SFX Emitters

A set up custom emitter scripts exploring the possibilities of intelligent particles in single player/offline games.

The Dropship MOD/The_DropShip_Controller

A (beta)controller system for a vehicle dropship (working).

Short Scripts.


A customized search engine for firefox that lets you search unrealwiki plus 20 other sites. To add the Unreal Search Engine to your Firefox browser visit rollyo.com.

I'm here to explore as much about uscript as possible and hopefully find work in the games industry. Im self taught with Uscript using the UnrealWiki and Atari forums [email protected] (contact email updated 2011).