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WOTgreal is a fully featured IDE for UnrealScript

New features added in version 2.8 include

  • Integration with Unreal Wiki and UnDox in the Documentation Browser
  • Greatly improved CodeExplorer (no flickering, losing your place, or funny scrolling)
  • Wizard tools (expands the default macros to give you near complete control of form layout and events)
  • Compiler Wrapper integration (now use whatever you want to compile, like UMake)
  • Better Compiler Warnings and Descriptions (explanations as well)
  • Unreal II support
  • Regular Expression search engine

Download Location

You can download the latest version from http://www.wotgreal.com

It is highly recommended that if you have used a previous version to download this one since it fixes a lot of bugs that were in previous versions (even the 2.8 RC)

Bug reports are (generally) handled quickly, so make sure to report them (to [email protected]) if you find anything wrong. (Check A Bug's Life/Reporting Bugs for good ideas on what to include in the bug report.)

Larger list of features

  • Syntax Highlighting for UnrealScript
  • Code Insight/Intellisense (Code Completion, Function Insight, Find Declaration at Cursor)
  • Hyperlink file jumping (if you hold down the control key and hover the cursor over a keyword, it will take you to the declaration of the keyword in its appropriate file)
  • Class and Package Browsers (like the ones in UnrealEd)
  • Integrated Compiler (so if you get an error while compiling, it will take you to the line of code that generated the error)
  • Server and Edit Packages Editor
  • Find in Files (Package/Class Tree, Open files, Directory, Active File and it's Parents, Active File and it's Children)
  • Scriptable Macros
  • Mesh Extraction of Meshes, LODMeshes and SkeletalMeshes to Unreal Native (*.3D) and 3D Studio Max (*.3DS)
  • Implicit Support for Unreal Tournament, Unreal, Unreal II, Deus Ex, Wheel of Time, Rune, Undying, and UT2003, plus the ability to set it up for ANY Unreal Engine based game (Klingon Honor Guard, etc.)
  • Customizable Keyboard Configuration
  • Customizable Tools
  • Run test maps from the IDE
  • Run with Options dialog for complete control of your game
  • Imaging Tool
  • Browser Tracking (know where you are in the class/package hierarchy for the active file)
  • Autobackup on Save option
  • Redistributable color schemes (import and export from syntax highlighting)
  • Simple/Advanced compile mode (so you don't have to see the ucc log pass by everything, it will show you what file is being processed, total warnings, etc.)
  • Integration for most major Source Control vendors (CVS, ClearCase, SourceSafe, PerForce, and more. Pro version or trial license required)
  • Class Browser (look at what functions were created in what super class, etc.)
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Customizable Menu Short-Cuts (there are defaults for Borland (default), Visual Studio 6, and Visual Studio .NET keyboard layouts, plus you can make your own (like for emacs))
  • Integration with UnDox © 2001 Epic Megagames
  • Integration with Umod Wizard © 2001 Ob1-Kenobi
  • Full support for creating breakpoints (and the like) to be used with UDebugger.



Place a file called "WOTgrealQuickCompile.ini" in your packages base directory (i.e."UT2004\MyPackage\"). This file can be used to specify package dependancies that do not get properly detected by WOTgreal. The Format For the file is fairly simple.

<uscript> [EditPackages] package=Core package2=Engine SomeOtherPackage=MyPackage </uscript>

As you can see, a very loose system is used to specify a package.

Only packages not detected by WOTgreal need to be specified here.

Specifying a package that WOTgreal detects already does not cause problems.


If you find it disturbing that certain keywords are made lower-case, you can adjust this configuration file to make keywords show up just the way you like it. For example, when you write 'None', WOTgreal corrects it to 'none'. After changing 'none' to 'None' in this file, you can type 'none' and it'll be changed to 'None'.

Export All Scripts

A simple way to make sure your WOTgreal "sees" all Unreal packages, and thereby all stock classes, is to simply open Ued and use the Actor Browser to File -> ExportAllScripts. This will create a series of subdirectories, one for each stock package, with all the class .uc files.

For UT2003, UT2004 and Postal 2 UnrealWiki also provides download links for the UnrealScript source files. Simply extract them into your game's base directory. Especially for UT2003 this is a good idea since the source code export doesn't work correctly there.