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UT2004 :: Object >> WeaponFire (Package: Engine)

Weapons in UT2004 have been divided up into multiple actors, of which this one is intimately involved. WeaponFire actors and their children form the FireMode[i] array in Weapon which manifests itself on the screen as the different modes of firing a weapon can do (typically the primary and secondary fire). The properties for the firing of a weapon reside in the weaponfire classes, including fire rate, damage, etc.


bool bSplashDamage 
bool bSplashJump 
bool bRecommendSplashDamage 
bool bTossed 
bool bLeadTarget 
bool bInstantHit

other useful stuff

bool bPawnRapidFireAnim 
for determining what anim the firer should play
bool bReflective 
bool bTimerLoop 
bool bFireOnRelease 
if true, shot will be fired when button is released, HoldTime will be the time the button was held for
bool bWaitForRelease 
if true, fire button must be released between each shot
bool bModeExclusive 
if true, no other fire modes can be active at the same time as this one
bool bIsFiring 
bool bNowWaiting 
bool bServerDelayStopFire 
bool bServerDelayStartFire 
bool bInstantStop 

muzzle flash & smoke

bool bAttachSmokeEmitter 
bool bAttachFlashEmitter 


float TimerInterval 
float NextTimerPop 
Weapon Weapon 
Pawn Instigator 
LevelInfo Level 
Actor Owner 
float NextFireTime 
float PreFireTime 
seconds before first shot
float MaxHoldTime 
float HoldTime 
int ThisModeNum 
float TransientSoundVolume 
float TransientSoundRadius 


name PreFireAnim 
name FireAnim 
name FireLoopAnim 
name FireEndAnim 
name ReloadAnim 
float PreFireAnimRate 
float FireAnimRate 
float FireLoopAnimRate 
float FireEndAnimRate 
float ReloadAnimRate 
float TweenTime 


Sound FireSound 
Sound ReloadSound 
Sound NoAmmoSound 


string FireForce 
string ReloadForce 
string NoAmmoForce 


float FireRate 
seconds between shots
float ServerStartFireTime 


class<Ammunition> AmmoClass 
int AmmoPerFire 
int AmmoClipSize 
float Load 

camera shakes

vector ShakeRotMag 
how far to rot view
vector ShakeRotRate 
how fast to rot view
float ShakeRotTime 
how much time to rot the instigator's view
vector ShakeOffsetMag 
max view offset vertically
vector ShakeOffsetRate 
how fast to offset view vertically
float ShakeOffsetTime 
how much time to offset view


class<Projectile> ProjectileClass 
float BotRefireRate 
float WarnTargetPct 
class<xEmitter> FlashEmitterClass 
xEmitter FlashEmitter 
class<xEmitter> SmokeEmitterClass 
xEmitter SmokeEmitter 
float AimError 
0=none 1000=quite a bit
float Spread 
rotator units. no relation to AimError
enum ESpreadStyle (SpreadStyle)
spread is max random angle deviation
spread is angle between each projectile

Known Subclasses

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OlympusMons: Need to get some stuff happening for the ut2004 weaponfire class. Ok so I did pretty much straight from the source but comments will be addded. I wouldnt mind adding a few tutorials in this area for multi-ammo weapons, reloading and spreadfire weapons like shotguns. I have some basic code of my own for ut2004 for these but its still a bit buggy so until I get things ironed out I wont waste your time.

OlympusMons: Ok so I linked the subclasses, Im guessing that they are all very similar to the ut2003 ones so it shouldnt cause any big problems as most of the functionality of weaponfire is similar, except the inclusion of a few functions like trace etc to get the firemodes to operate correctly as subclasses of object. I'll try to update the subclasses with ut2004 info as needed.


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