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What is a Wiki? 
A "Wiki" is a website where people can edit as well as read. It's a medium for discussion and collaboration on documents. Here on the Unreal Wiki we use it to work collectively on reference material and tutorials, and to discuss aspects of mapping and modding.
How do I edit pages? 
To get started on this particular Wiki, read New Contributors Quick Start.
What does "Wiki" mean? 

"Wiki wiki" is Hawaiian for "quick". In the words of Wiki's creator, Ward Cunningham: "I chose wiki-wiki as an alliterative substitute for quick and thereby avoided naming this stuff quick-web."

A quick introduction to what wiki is:

Wiki is so open to abuse. How can it work? 

It works... because it does. Wiki Protection explains why there's hardly any abuse at all, and why the little amount of apparently unavoidable abuse never has long-lasting effects.

There are many Wikis on the web. The oldest of them is the Portland Pattern Repository. The largest is Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia.

Theories on how and why Wiki works:

There are dozens of implementations of Wiki, in many different languages. This site uses one of the dozen or so Perl versions, UseMod:UseModWiki, which is the work of UseMod:CliffordAdams.

When should I use the "minor edit" checkbox? 
For typo fixes, or layout corrections: things that don't add content to the page. Anything else, comments, additions, or deletions, should count as a normal edit. It's a fairly insignificant feature anyway, most regulars here have their preferences set to show minor edits on Recent Changes.
If I have a page that should be deleted how should I go about that? 
Add a Category:Legacy Delete Me tag to the page. (See Category:Legacy Delete Me for details.) A Wiki admin will delete the page if they feel it should be done. It's easier to rename a page than to delete it so if you simply named the link wrong leave a comment as to what you'd like the link to be named and they can fix that as well. (All hail Wiki!)

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