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FAQ (from the website)

What is Wings3D?

Wings3D is an OpenSource polygon mesh modeler inspired by Nendo ®. It allows you to intuitively build a 3D mesh and even assign materials to it.

Why is it called "Wings" 3D?

Very simply because the program uses the winged-edge data structure.

Who made it?

The main force behind Wings3D is Björn Gustavsson. But there are also other talented programmers and artists who have dedicated their valuable time to making Wings3D take off.

How much does Wings3D cost?

Wings3D is free and released under the BSD License.

Where can I get Wings3D?

You can download the latest version of Wings3D at the SourceForge Project Page. You'll also find wings3D available for download at the bottom of the main Wings3D Home Page.