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Report Wookee problems here. If it's just a case of fixing Wiki markup, edit the page in question with a description such as "Wookee me!" to bump them in Recent Changes.

Non-leading hash signs in headings

A hash sign (#) in a heading (----) is removed, and the heading gets a leading automatic numbering.
Expected Behavior 
Unless it is the first character in the heading, the hash sign should remain where it is, and the heading shouldn't get automatic numbering because of it.
The code ===This is heading #1=== produces:


mod_perl incompatibilities

Because of the use of Perl INIT and CHECK blocks, Wookee is incompatible with mod_perl.
Suggested Fix 
Replace INIT and CHECK blocks by anonymous, package-level code blocks. They're executed when the module loads anyway, and they don't get into mod_perl's way.

Block-level HTML elements are treated as inline elements

Block-level HTML elements such as


are treated the same as inline elements such as and are framed with

tags. That is, from the entered code

, Wookee generates the raw code


, which is nonsense.
Expected Behavior 
The entered code
should result in the raw code
Suggested Fix 
Wookee should recognize allowed block-level HTML elements and pass them through to the raw code unhampered, without framing them with



Mychaeel: Confirmed. Currently, CharacterHtml manages escaping of HTML characters such as < and > and treats allowed block-level HTML markup such as

the same as inline HTML markup like by simply not escaping the < and > around the tags.

A fix for this problem would involve creating a Wookee class BlockWikiHtml derived from BlockWiki which recognizes allowed block-level HTML tags as Wookee block markup, renders their content as regular Wookee markup and streams it into the output enclosed in the recognized HTML tag pair.

Tree markup

Tarquin: I made a basic tree markup class in Wookee, but it lacks the ability to parse the tree elements for links (I couldn't work out what to do :( ). Mych, if you have time, could you take a look at it? It's in CVS (and running here).


+ Parent

++ Child

++ second child

+++ Pawn << should be a link!

Can't create pages with with a lowercase first letter

gracefool: This is a problem with Wikimedia too. I seem to be the only one so far who wants such a niggly thing, but... which also leads me to ask, can you create templates with this software?

Tarquin: This is a limitation of UseModWiki (the wiki engine) rather than Wookee (the markup parser module). I don't think it's really worth correcting it, since it would cause problems with linking at the start of sentences, eg actor and Actor. IF I thought it really mattered I would have fixed it a long time ago since I prefer to write 'tarquin' with a lowercase t :)