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It's a mess. You have been warned... ;) – Wormbo

Area51 WOW ANOTHER WORMS FAN. Lol any chance you happen to be Aussie? Ant as for the UT worms model. I have one that i made! :D using the ref images off the team17 website. :D

Tarquin: most Wikis seem to develop a convention that user pages act as a guestbook as well as biog / contact details. It's the same here :-) I'll second NFG.

Wormbo: Hehe, no problem. It was way too empty here... :-)

EntropicLqd: Guess who wrote the original spec for the "Flag Mutator" mod by David Catmull while we were discussing merging the CTF+, CTF4, and MCTF mods.

Wormbo: Whoa, really? How about porting the Flag Mutator (and also Flag Effects) to UT 2003? (Uhm... you don't happen to be the same person like Uncommon? There isn't any sign of you in the readme or the script code...)

EntropicLqd: Nope - we are definately different people (I wrote CTF+) – Still, it's all water down the toilet so to speak but it was pretty depressing that the combined CTF mod didn't work out. Colin (the MCTF author) was still up for it but work got really shitty and I didn't have the time to make it happen. I don't have the heart to do anything but a single flag CTF mod at the moment.

EntropicLqd: Thanks for the restore. :)

madmerse: I love this website. Unreal Wiki is my god. :)

GeniusDex: You wrote the UnrealWiki mIRC script? It's nice :) 2 questions: How did you get it uploaded to unreal wiki? And mind if i use parts of your script for a complete UnrealWiki mIRC Suite?

Wormbo: Send your final result to Mychaeel or tarquin. Only they can upload it to BeyondUnreal webspace.
I don't mind you using the script, but I'd be happy if you either include the file in your script, but keep it intact so I can update it, or make your script not collide with it if it doesn't use it.

GeniusDex: Prolly i'm going to split the code apart and throw it all through the file, but i'll try to keep it as intact as possible :)

Wild Enthusiasm: "I'm Really Impressed with all the UWindowWindow's technical listings" Wormbo. Damn! It makes me feel so small and insignificant. But, don't stop,... Incredible effort, really. NFG

Wormbo: It's simple to compile a list of properties or functions. All you have to do is extract them from the classes and check that the functions aren't already declared in any superclass. You can find out what they're used for by looking at the functions' code and how they are used throughout the UWindow system. Sometimes there are also some comments explaining what the code does. :)

Omarr: Where's the "Who pushed me?" mod? It sounds quite useful.

Wormbo: All the UT/UT2k3 mods are available on my homepage (see top of this page), however none of the UT2k3 mods is finished and the MultiPickupBase will have to wait till Chaos UT releases the first version. The only UT2k3 download so far is a beta version of Mercury Missile InstaGib.

Omarr: Dumb question... but thanks o_O

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I can't wait until you script Rockets UT for UT2003, you should make a third fire button, for the grenades.

Kerlin: Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Wormbo: You might have noticed the huge amount of messages from other Wiki contributors on my page. I thought of cleaning up a bit, but most likely I'll just leave then like they are now. Maybe I'll try formatting them a bit, though. It has become a habit around here to welcome new contributors by creating their personal pages if it doesn't yet exist and writing a short welcome line.

DJPaul: Hey, you going to ever mention the MultiPickup you did for UT2003?

Wormbo: It's already mentioned under Mods for UT2003 -> Work in Progress. I just don't want to create the page without the actual package being available.

CheshireCat: Ah ha! I thought your Infogrames forum avatar looked familiar, he's from one of those little Worms intro movies, isn't he? Looks like he's getting ready to unleash a Dragon Ball or Fire Punch, heheheheh.

Wormbo: Ah no. My forum avatar (I use it in every forum that allows avatars, btw.) is the icon of a Quake 3 worm model.

CheshireCat: Didn't know there was such a model. Should have figured though, there's a model for nearly every FPS for any given character from any other game, TV, movie, etc ;-)

Wormbo: Except for Worm models in UT it seems. :(

CheshireCat: That's a shame... although if there were, I'd want a mod to go with it. ;-)

EntropicLqd: Wormbo .. You planning on doing a version of your Arena mutator for Devastation? If not, mind if I write one? There's some interesting "tweaks" you could do with it as there are sooo many weapons.

Wormbo: No, go ahead. I'm still wondering whether I should make a UT2k3 version, though...

EntropicLqd: Thanks :). I thought you already had a 2K3 version. I thought your version of the Arena mod allowed you to select mutliple weapons to appear in the map - in which case you might as well. There again, I don't play UT2k3 so don't let my opinion sway you any.

EntropicLqd: Congrats on the release of your mod. I'll be scuttling off to download it once I've finished fixing my PC (hopefully tonight). The Devastation Area mod is progressing (but I took some time out to work on the Web Admin code).

Wormbo: Thanks and nice to hear your mod is progressing. I'm almost at the point where I start working on Arena Match 2k3 but the other stuff comes first.

Wormbo: I'm at that point now. Arena Match 2k3, here I come. :D

Wormbo: Or maybe not... :rolleyes:

Burtlo: I appreciate you cleaning up after me as I work through these pages. I hope I'm not making too much work for you. And now I know what what is a Category:Legacy Class Tree.

RavuAlHemio: Ahhh, the legendary Wormbo! We seem to share interests; playing Worms Armageddon and coding for UT2004 are actually also my hobbies. Plus, the fact that we can communicate in another language (German, I live in Austria) also seems a plus. Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you for being such an anti-cheater; cheaters SUCK. Even though AntiTCC did annoy me quite often (unpure package yadda yadda yadda), I don't blame you because you just wanted to rid the gaming planet of cheaters and llamas.

Copperman: Could EnhancedItems for UT99 be used to delay the spawning of a pickup?, I'm having trouble sorting this. No good with UScript :( No matter (note to self RTFM)

Wormbo: Yes, with the EnhancedItems/MultiPickupPlus.

Copperman: Tx dude, am hoping to create some modded relics as timed and droppable versions ala q3t.

Wormbo: You might want to check out Q3T for some working examples. :)

Copperman: Yes, I got the q3t stuff, and it has similar to what i want, I'm looking at the bonus relics as placeable powerups plus a few extensions to the exsisting pickups :D ill see what i can come up with :D

MythOpus: I LOVE WORMBOT! Nice job on it! I have a request though.. could you set up an option for it to 'msg' everyone in a list of people instead of putting it in the global chat?

Wormbo: I was already planning to let it send the events to multiple channels – no problem extending that to a list of any type of recipient.

MythOpus: Yay thanks :D

SuperApe: Thanks for helping revert my Personal Page, Wormbo.

MythOpus: Since I guess users can't revert images could you revert the macro texture and foxpaws pictures. I'm just making sure in case you didn't notice. Then we can hunt the perpetrator down. I found his profile...

Wormbo: Reverting images works just like reverting pages: You download the revisin to revert to and upload it as new revision. For images there's just not the convenient edit option. You have to go to the desired revision via the Recent Changes "(changes)" link and download the image from there. Then upload it again, replacing the current image.\

MythOpus: Ahhh I see. Now I know for next time :)

Ambershee: I did try and revert your page. Amusingly I got locked out of the wiki for 'too many links' XD. I think I'm still locked out on that IP.

MythOpus: I got locked too a few weeks ago. I didn't want to bother e-mailing them so I was going to wait till we moved into my new house and got a new router.