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Have you been itching to get your hands on a copy of Ued with all of the latest prefab and terrain additions? Ubi Soft is holding a mapping contest for XIII, an upcoming Unreal Engine game, and they are offering the version 829 of UnrealEd for download.

: BeyondUnreal

XIIIEd is a version of UnrealEd that comes with the game XIII, using build 829.

An early version of this was released in August 2002 as part of a level design competition. It has enabled mappers to work with some of the new features that will be in UT2003. Users of this editor are invited to add information to the following pages:

Note that information gathered from working with this editor may be different in higher versions.

Note that any maps you make would not be directly portable to UT2003 – just XIII. But if you want to give a try to all the latest features (manual is included!), you can download it right here (see below).

Bugs and Workarounds

  • Changes made with the terrain editor will become 'undesirable' if the deco or texture layers are modified afterwards.
  • The smoothing tool will sometimes crash the editor if it is used at the edges of the terrain.
  • Sometimes actors cannot be selected. Saving and restarting seems to fix this.
  • The old 'all white viewports' bug from UeD 2 is still a problem. View -> Viewports -> Configure and selecting a scheme still fixes it. :)


  • XIII US Multiplayer Demo

This demo offers two multiplayer levels from Ubisoft's cel-shaded first-person shooter. This is the US version of the demo and it doesn't include a bug found in the demo's initial release.

 * http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/xiii/downloads.html?mode=all 
  • XIIIEd_concours

Build 739. The full download has a size of 38 MB. Parts of the documentation are in French. Released 2002 for the level design competition (mapping contest). This version includes the sound-browser.

 * http://www.clubic.com/lancer-le-telechargement-6437-0-xiii-editeur-de-niveaux-special-concours.html
  • CustomXIIImapEditor

Build 829. The full download has a size of 100 MB. Actual version of XIIIEd. Needs Patch 1.4. Does not include the Sound Browser.

  * http://files.filefront.com/customXIIImapEDITORrar/;9637591;/fileinfo.html

  • Other related XIII sites
  * http://www.InsideXIII.eu (community portal, maps & files) unofficial community website, with many UnrealEd relative links

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