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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pawn >> UnrealPawn >> xPawn (Package: XGame)

This is the actual pawn class used in UT2003 and UT2004. The "x" does not stand for anything, just indicates this is Digital Extreme's implementation, rather than from Epic's basic engine classes.



string PlacedCharacterName 


float DeResGravScale 
Reduce gravity on corpse during de-res
float DeResLateralFriction 
Sideways friction while lifting
InterpCurve DeResLiftSoftness 
Vertical 'sprinyness' (over time) of bone lifters
InterpCurve DeResLiftVel 
Speed (over time) at which body rises


int GibCountCalf 
int GibCountForearm 
int GibCountHead 
int GibCountTorso 
int GibCountUpperArm 
class<xPawnGibGroup> GibGroupClass 


Material RagConvulseMaterial 
float RagDeathUpKick 
Amount of upwards kick ragdolls get when they die
float RagDeathVel 
How fast ragdoll moves upon death
float RagdollLifeSpan 
MAXIMUM time the ragdoll will be around. De-res's early if it comes to rest.
float RagImpactSoundInterval 
array<sound> RagImpactSounds 
float RagImpactVolume 
float RagInvInertia 
Use to work out how much 'spin' ragdoll gets on death.
float RagShootStrength 
How much effect shooting ragdolls has. Be careful!
float RagSpinScale 
Increase propensity to spin around Z (up).


vector LeftOffset 
vector RightOffset 


float ShieldCharge 
Current charge
float ShieldChargeMax 
Max strength
float ShieldChargeRate 
Amount to recharge per sec.
float ShieldConvertRate 
Speed at which charge is expended into strength
Material ShieldHitMat 
float ShieldHitMatTime 
float ShieldStrengthDecay 
Max strength
float ShieldStrengthMax 
Max strength


Indexed by ESurfaceTypes (sorry about the literal).
float FootstepVolume 
float GruntVolume 
class<xPawnSoundGroup> SoundGroupClass 


Sound UDamageSound 
Material UDamageWeaponMaterial 
Weapon overlay material


bool bBerserk 
bool bDeRes 
bool bGibbed 
bool bInvis 
bool bOldInvis 
bool bSkeletized 
True if player is a Skeleton
Combo CurrentCombo 
Currently active Adrenaline combo (handled by Controller)
Emitter DeResFX 
Material DeResMat0 
Material DeResMat1 
float DeResTime 
name FireHeavyBurstAnim 
name FireHeavyRapidAnim 
name FireRifleBurstAnim 
name FireRifleRapidAnim 
name FireRootBone 
EFireAnimState FireState 
string HeadShotMessage 
name IdleHeavyAnim 
name IdleRifleAnim 
Material InvisMaterial 
float LastUDamageSoundTime 
PlayerLight LeftMarker 
int MaxMultiJump 
How many times the player can jump after first jump
float MinTimeBetweenPainSounds 
int MultiJumpBoost 
Depends on the tolerance (100)
int MultiJumpRemaining 
Remaining jumps
Controller OldController 
ShadowProjector PlayerShadow 
string RagdollOverride 
float RagLastSoundTime 
int RepeaterDeathCount 
PlayerLight RightMarker 
int SimHitFxTicker 
int SimTransEffectTicker 
Mesh SkeletonMesh 
The player mesh when u are burned by lava
class<SpeciesType> Species 
class<Actor> TeleportFXClass 
vector TransEffectOrigin 
int TransEffectTicker 
float UDamageTime 
UDamageTimer UDamageTimer 
class<TeamVoicePack> VoiceClass 
xWeaponAttachment WeaponAttachment 




Known Subclasses

  +- Monster >>
  +- xMutantPawn (UT2004 only)

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Defx: Whats the difference between Pawn and xPawn?

Nick89: XPawn is the final refined class designed specifically for UT200x. XPawn handles damage, shields and properly interacts with everything in the game.

OlympusMons: Doesnt the "x" signify that a class is linked into the caching system through xUtil Well thats kinda the impression I got, at first I thought it was digital extremes but it seems the classes that were marked with an "x" for Unreal Championship Im guessing were done so because of the upl files and probably extended later on with the ucl and CacheManager, which covers mutators and some other stuff. Maybe they were talking about the xBox because this is probably when all the SpeciesType started, maybe Im wrong.

Wormbo: The X in many class and package names only stands for "extended" and points out a severe lack of ideas for names.

OlympusMons: Yeah I guess your right, just looking through the code and there is a fair few classes that dont relate to the xUtil that carry the prefix "x" like xWeaponBase, xEmitter and xWeaponAttachment. I do know the Classes are designated with a lowcase "x" and the Packages and uppercase "X". They do share something in common with xPawn though, theres only acouple Ive found that seem to be completely unrealted which are xWeatherEffect and xMaterialController.Theres a few more I dont really think this is worth discussing further as it seems the statement on top of this page is right.

Pendragon: It says at the top of the page,

 "The "x" does not stand for anything, just indicates this is Digital Extreme's implementation, rather than from Epic's basic engine classes."