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UT2004 :: Actor >> Info >> ZoneInfo (Package: Engine)

The built-in Unreal class for defining properties of zones. If you place one ZoneInfo actor in a zone you have partioned, the ZoneInfo defines the properties of the zone. Zones without a ZoneInfo actor take their properties from the LevelInfo actor.

This may seem obvious, but after adding a new ZoneInfo actor, the map geometry must be rebuilt for that actor's properties (e.g. ZoneLight) to take effect. Aftwards, you can change the ZoneInfo properties without rebuilding.

See zoning for more on working with zones, and Map Optimization in general, and ZoneInfo (UT) for the UT version of this class.


ZoneInfo Group

bool bClearToFogColor 
Clear to fog color if distance fog is enabled. Use this to prevent HOM effects in the distance fog. Disable this if your distance fog end is never seen
bool bDistanceFog 
There is distance fog in this zone. See Distance Fog.
bool bSoftKillZ 
2000 units of grace for KillZ unless land.
bool bTerrainZone 
There is terrain in this zone.
float KillZ 
Any actor falling below this height falls out of the world. For Pawns this means they die, other actors usually get destroyed. The LevelInfo's KillZ shows as a red line in side-view orthogonal UnrealEd Viewports.
eKillZType KillZType 
Specifies the type of KillZ effect to apply.
string LocationName (localized) 
A description of this zone. This is what appears on the scoreboard in team games as the location of players. You can use Volumes to create descriptions for a part of a zone.
name ZoneTag 
Used only in combination with a ZoneTrigger. All other actors and engine features use the Tag.

ZoneLight Group

See Zonelight for more on this.

byte AmbientBrightness 
byte AmbientHue 
byte AmbientSaturation 
float DistanceFogBlendTime 
color DistanceFogColor 
The color of the Distance Fog.
float DistanceFogEnd 
The distance from the player in which the distance fog completly obscures the world.
float DistanceFogStart 
The distance from the player in wich the distance fog starts to obscure the world.
Texture EnvironmentMap 
float TexUPanSpeed 
float TexVPanSpeed 

ZoneSound Group

I3DL2Listener ZoneEffect (editinline
Environmental sound settings used in this zone. This will only have an effect if the game uses 3D hardware audio with EAX.

ZoneVisibility Group

bool bLonelyZone 
This zone is the only one rendered when viewing from inside this zone. This zone is never rendered if viewing from another zone. This also includes skyboxes, so an outdoor level with only one zone plus a skybox should not use this.
array<ZoneInfo> ManualExcludes (editinline
Used for manually specifying zones that are never visible from this zone. This is highly useful for framerate optimization if there are zones in your map that in theory need to be rendered, but are practically not visible from any point of this zone.

UnrealScript-Only Properties

vector AmbientVector 
SkyZoneInfo SkyZone 
Optional sky zone containing this zone's sky.
array<TerrainInfo> Terrains (const) 


Iterator Functions

ZoneActors (class<Actor> BaseClass, out Actor Actor) 
Iterates through all actors in this zone.

Other Functions

LinkToSkybox ( ) [simulated] 
This function is called from PreBeginPlay and initialises the link to the Sky Zone for this zone. The SkyZoneInfo object linked to is determined by the detail settings on the client machine (if there is more than one).
ActorEntered (Actor Other) 
This event fires whenever an actor enters the zone. It is responsible for posting any event specified by the ZonePlayerEvent property by calling the Trigger function. The function also applies any zone physics to objects with physics of PHYS_Projectile or objects of type Effects.
ActorLeaving (Actor Other) 
This event fires whenever an actor leaves the zone. It is responsible for posting any event specified by the ZonePlayerEvent property by calling the UnTrigger() function.

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