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UE2 Object >> Actor >> Info >> ZoneInfo
Known custom subclass:
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ZoneInfo actors are used to set properties of zones that are different from the global level properties as defined in the map's LevelInfo. Like Volumes, ZoneInfos can be used to assign names to areas of the map, and like a PhysicsVolume a ZoneInfo can apply an audio environment (an I3DL2Listener) to this area.

Additionally, zones and their ZoneInfos play an important role in level optimization. The ZoneInfo properties bLonelyZone and ManualExcludes can be used to help the rendering code with deciding what actually needs to be rendered. The DistanceFogEnd property can also be used for performance optimization: objects further away than the end of the distance fog are not considered for rendering. Of course this should only be used if it fits the map's theme, but large maps may become unplayable if it is not used.

Important properties

Property group 'ZoneInfo'


Type: bool

There is distance fog in this zone.


Type: float

Actors, especially Pawns, falling below this height are killed. More specificly, the engine calls the actor's FellOutOfWorld() event with this zone's KillZType as parameter and the actor decides, how to handle this.

Default value: -10000.0


Type: Actor.eKillZType

This is passed to an actor's FellOutOfWorld() event to allow different KillZ effects.


Type: string

Modifiers: localized

The location name of this zone. Any Volume can be used to override this value for parts of the zone. The LocationName specified in the level properties will be used for zones without a ZoneInfo or if the ZoneInfo's LocationName is empty.

Property group 'ZoneLight'


Type: float

The distance at which the fog reaches full opacity.

Default value: 8000.0


Type: float

The distance at which the fog starts.

Default value: 3000.0

Property group 'ZoneSound'


Type: I3DL2Listener

Modifiers: editinline

An audio environment for this zone.

Property group 'ZoneVisibility'


Type: bool

Set this to True when this zone can neither be seen from any other zone, nor can any other zone (including the skybox) be seen from this zone.


Type: array<ZoneInfo>

Modifiers: editinline

You can add other ZoneInfo actors to this list to help the visibility code decide whether it should render that other zone if viewing from this zone. This can be useful if the view to another zone is only obstructed by static meshes.

Unfortunately this property is not defined as edfindable, so you will have to enter the Name from the Object property group of the ZoneInfo actors manually. UnrealEd only requires the short name, not the fully qualified name, though. Something like ZoneInfo5 will automatically be completed to ZoneInfo'myLevel.ZoneInfo5'.