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Starting with Unreal Engine 3 UnrealScript supports Metadata for Variables. By adding Metatags UnrealEd can behave different on variables by providing additional information of variables such as the semantics of variables, friendly names, interaction, visual appearance and behavior etc, to any of its users.


Metatags can be added for almost any variable type some of them are struct's, enum members and variables.

A metatag is placed at the end of a variable before the final semi colon like:

var [modifiers] type variablename<tag=value>;

You can also declare more than one metatag by separating them with | like:

var [modifiers] type variablename<tag1=value|tag2=value>;


Bool AllowAbstract3
Specifies whether the user can select abstract classes from the UnrealEd drop-down list.
Limitations: Only works for variables of type class<...>. [confirm]
Array ArrayClamp3+
The max value of this variable is specified dynamically by the specified array's length. This is useful if you want to let the developer set a Index value but the index value cannot be higher than the specified array's length. [confirm]
Bool AutoComment3
The effect of this tag seems to be that the tagged variable's value is displayed in the sequence object's comment in the Kismet editor.
Limitations: Apparently this tag only works in SequenceObject(no matching games found) classes and if the class's bSuppressAutoComment property is set to false.
Bool bShowOnlyWhenTrue3+
This property will only be shown in the editor Properties Window when the referenced property is true. e.g:<uscript><bShowOnlyWhenTrue=bShowD3D11Properties></uscript>
Int ClampMax3+
The maximum value the variable value can be set to. See UIMax for a user limit. [confirm]
Int ClampMin3+
The minimum value the variable value can be set to. See UIMin for a user limit. [confirm]
String DisplayName3
The variable's name to be used for in UnrealEd. e.g. instead of displaying as "bThisIsABoolean" you can set the DisplayName to "This Is A Boolean" for ease reading.
Bool DMCOnly3+[confirm]
Unknown. Probably related to collision. Found in PrimitiveComponent.uc DMC was removed in June 2011 UDK.
Variable EditCondition3
The variable with this tag can only be edited in UnrealEd if the set condition is true.
Int FixedIncrement3+
Increment the value of this variable by the specified increment value. [confirm]
Bool FullyExpand3+
To be applied to structs or editinline variables. When expanded all children nodes will be expanded as well. [confirm]
Int MaxPropertyDepth3+
Int MultilineWithMaxRows3+[confirm]
Int Multiple3+
Int OrderIndex3+
Auto applied to editable variables by the compiler. [confirm]
Bool RealTime3+[confirm]
Bool ScriptOrder3+
String ToolTip3
Sets the ToolTip description to show in the UnrealEd's properties window, you can also add a /** ... */ comment above the variable's declaration and the UnrealScript compiler will automatically use that as the ToolTip description , however you can still use the ToolTip tag to override the automatically set ToolTip description.
Float UIMax3+
The maximum value a user can input when editing the variable from an User Interface. See ClampMax for a UnrealEd limit. [confirm]
Float UIMin3+
The minimum value a user can input when editing the variable from an User Interface. See ClampMin for a UnrealEd limit. [confirm]