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This subpage contains documentation, categories and other content that is not part of the template.
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This utility template extracts the actual class name from a class page name. Game-specific class pages may have a game name appended in parentheses and due to technical restrictions canonical page names always have spaces instead of underscores. The alternate URL-encoded form always has underscores instead of spaces, but also escapes many other characters.

Class and interface description pages containing Template:Infobox class and Template:Infobox interface respectively make the page titles look as if the page name contains underscores only in the correct places through the use of this template and the "magic word" {{DISPLAYTITLE}}.


This template can take one parameter, which defaults to the current subpage name if omitted.

Suppose the following code is on the page with the canonical name "UE2:ACTION GotoAction (UT2003)":


It would return: ACTION_GotoAction

Note that the same code would return "Foo" if used on the subpage "ACTION GotoAction (UT2003)/Foo".

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