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This subpage contains documentation, categories and other content that is not part of the template.
To view the template page itself, see Template:Infobox class.

This template provides an info box for a class. The info box can contain relevant information like parent classes, implemented interfaces or the within class.



{{Infobox class
| class   = UTCheatManager
| package = UTGame
| within  = PlayerController
| game    = UT3
| engine  = UE3
| parent1 = CheatManager
| parent2 = Object
UT3 Object >> CheatManager >> UTCheatManager
Within class: 

If class, game or engine are missing, they are derived from the current page name. (You can see this effect in the default output on the template page.) Engine and game are only used for linking pages and categories.

The classes and interfaces in the within, parentx and interfacex parameters are automatically linked. The list of parent classes should always be given as complete as possible. For Actor-derived classes the list should start with the Actor class, otherwise it should start with the Object class. Up to ten parent classes can be specified, but if the list gets too long, consider cutting it off at a "well-known" class, like in the following example:

{{infobox class
| class      = UIComp_DrawImage
| package    = Engine
| within     = UIObject
| interface1 = UIStyleResolver
| interface2 = CustomPropertyItemHandler
| game       = UT3
| engine     = UE3
| parent1    = UIComp_DrawComponents
| parent2    = UIComponent
| parent3    = Component
UT3 Component >> UIComponent >> UIComp_DrawComponents >> UIComp_DrawImage
Within class: 
Implemented interfaces
UIStyleResolver, CustomPropertyItemHandler

Classes implementing one or more interfaces will automatically be added to relevant categories, which are also linked from the corresponding interface page if it contains an interface infobox.

You can also specify custom parent classes via customparentx instead of parentx, which will create the link based on the current page name and namespace instead of the engine and game name:

{{infobox class
| class = CustomClass
| customparent1 = CustomParent
| parent2 = Actor
| parent3 = Object
| engine =
| custom = yes
Object >> Actor >> CustomParent >> CustomClass (custom)

Note how CustomParent links to the Template: namespace in this example, even though "engine=" makes the regular parent classes link to the main namespace. If the class description resides in a subpage, custom parents link to subpages of the same base page. (You can see this behavior by viewing this page, Template:Infobox class/doc, directly.)

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