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This subpage contains documentation, categories and other content that is not part of the template.
To view the template page itself, see Template:Infobox class part.

This template provides an info box for a page about parts of a class, like native functions or certain property groups. The info box only takes a subset of the parameters Template:Infobox class knows: parents, the class name, which part of the class is described on the page and optional information like game and engine name.



{{infobox class part
| class   = Actor
| part    = native functions
| game    = UT3
| engine  = UE3
| parent1 = Object
UT3 Object >> Actor (native functions)

Class and part are required. If game or engine are missing, they are derived from the current page name. (You can see this effect in the default output on the template page.) Engine and game are only used for linking pages and can usually be left out.

The classes in the parentx parameters are automatically linked. The same rules and guidelines as for Template:Infobox class apply.

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