UE2:ACTION_WaitForTimer (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> ScriptedAction >> LatentScriptedAction >> ACTION_WaitForTimer
Known custom subclass:

A latent action for AIScripts that waits for a certain amount of time to pass.

Note: For some reason this action was implemented to not only complete when the time interval has passed, but also earlier if it was preceded by an ACTION_WaitForEvent and the same event as specified in the WaitForTrigger action is triggered again when the WaitForTimer action is active. If this causes problems with your script sequence, try using the custom class ACTION_WaitOnlyForTimer instead.


Property group 'Action'


Type: float

The time interval that must pass before this action completed. Waiting time may be reduced due to the "trigger completion" feature mentioned above.

Default values

Property Value
ActionString "Wait for timer"

Instance functions


function bool CompleteWhenTimer ()

Overrides: LatentScriptedAction.CompleteWhenTimer

Returns True to signal that this action waits for a timer event to complete.


function bool CompleteWhenTriggered ()

Overrides: LatentScriptedAction.CompleteWhenTriggered

Returns True to signal that this action waits for a trigger event. This is the origin of the "trigger completion" bug/feature mentioned in the class description.


function string GetActionString ()

Overrides: ScriptedAction.GetActionString

Returns the ActionString space-concatenated with the PauseTime.


function bool InitActionFor (ScriptedController C)

Overrides: LatentScriptedAction.InitActionFor

Sets up the timer of the sequence controller.