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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Info >> GameInfo >> UnrealMPGameInfo >> DeathMatch >> TeamGame >> xTeamGame >> ONSOnslaughtGame



Value: 3


Property group 'LoadingHints'


Type: array<string>

Modifiers: private, localized

Default value, index 0: "If you receive a missile lock warning, try to get out of sight quickly!"

Default value, index 1: "The Raptor's missiles will automatically lock onto Mantas and other Raptors."

Default value, index 10: "Press %TOGGLERADARMAP% to toggle the radar map on and off."

Default value, index 11: "You can be hurt or killed by vehicles exploding near you."

Default value, index 12: "Enemy Spider Mines can be destroyed, but some weapons are better against them than others."

Default value, index 13: "Pressing %USE% on a PowerNode allows you to teleport to any PowerNode your team controls."

Default value, index 14: "You won't be able to spawn at a PowerNode that is under attack, even if your team controls it."

Default value, index 15: "If you die, any Spider Mines or Grenades you fired will explode."

Default value, index 16: "Press %VOICETALK% to voice chat with your team."

Default value, index 17: "%BASEPATH 0% will show the way to the nearest PowerNode or PowerCore the Red Team can attack, while %BASEPATH 1% will do the same for the Blue Team."

Default value, index 18: "Press %TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW% to switch between 1st and 3rd person mode in vehicles."

Default value, index 19: "AVRiL rockets will home into an occupied enemy vehicle as long as you keep your crosshair on it."

Default value, index 20: "In the Raptor press %JUMP% to fly higher and %DUCK% to fly lower."

Default value, index 21: "When you find a target with the AVRiL, press alt-fire to zoom and lock your view to that target."

Default value, index 22: "The green light on top of the weaponlockers indicates that additional ammo is available at that locker."

Default value, index 23: "Attack PowerNodes that have the enemy team color sky beams above them."

Default value, index 24: "You cannot attack the PowerCore or PowerNodes if there is an energy shield present. Remove the shield by controlling a node that is linked to it."

Default value, index 25: "The Grenade Launcher shoots sticky grenades that attach themselves to vehicles and players. You must detonate them yourself with the alternate fire (press %ALTFIRE%)"

Default value, index 26: "The bomber that the Target Painter calls in can be shot down by enemy fire."

Default value, index 27: "In Onslaught, your team earns 2 points for winning before overtime and 1 point for a win during overtime."

Default value, index 28: "The Manta can rapidly descend to smash your enemies by pressing %DUCK% or %ALTFIRE%."

Default value, index 29: "Press %JUMP% to perform a 180 spin out in the Hellbender or Scorpion."

Default value, index 30: "The Manta is the only vehicle that has the ability to jump."

Default value, index 31: "When deployed, the Leviathan is highly vulnerable to air attacks."

Default value, index 32: "You can heal a friendly vehicle with the link gun alt-fire."

Default value, index 33: "You can heal a friendly PowerNode with the link gun alt-fire."

Default value, index 34: "It is impossible to heal the final PowerCore, so defend it at all costs!"

Internal variables


Type: bool


Type: bool

Modifiers: config

choose a random link setup to play after a reset


Type: bool


Type: bool

Modifiers: config

Default value: True


Type: string


Type: array<ONSPowerLinkCustomSetup>


Type: int

Array size: 2


Type: array<ONSPowerLinkOfficialSetup>


Type: string

Array size: 3 (ONSPROPNUM)

Modifiers: localized

Default value, index 0: "In overtime, PowerCores lose a maximum of this much health every second."

Default value, index 1: "After a reset, a new link setup will be chosen at random."

Default value, index 2: "After a reset, teams will switch sides so they are defending the PowerCore they were previously attacking."


Type: string

Array size: 3 (ONSPROPNUM)

Modifiers: localized

Default value, index 0: "Core Drain in Overtime"

Default value, index 1: "Random Link Setup After Reset"

Default value, index 2: "Teams Swap Sides After Reset"


Type: int

Modifiers: config

Default value: 20


Type: array<ONSPowerCore>


Type: array<PowerLink>

Default values

Property Value
Acronym "ONS"
ADR_Kill 2.0
bAllowVehicles True
bAlwaysShowLoginMenu True
BeaconName "ONS"
bLiberalVehiclePaths True
bScoreTeamKills False
bSpawnInTeamArea True
DecoTextName "Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame"
Description "Your team must take control over PowerNodes in a 'connect the dots' fashion to establish a direct line to the enemy PowerCore. Once you establish a link to the next PowerNode, you can destroy it if controlled by the enemy. Control the PowerNode for your team by touching it to start the build process (Use the linkgun alt-fire to speed things up). Once your team has a link to the enemy PowerCore, attack and destroy it."
GameName "Onslaught"
GameUMenuType "GUI2K4.UT2K4OnslaughtLoginMenu"
GoalScore 3
HUDSettingsMenu "GUI2K4.CustomHUDMenuOnslaught"
HUDType "Onslaught.ONSHUDOnslaught"
LoginMenuClass "GUI2K4.UT2K4OnslaughtLoginMenu"
MapListType "Onslaught.ONSMapListOnslaught"
MapPrefix "ONS"
MutatorClass "Onslaught.ONSDefaultMut"
NetWait 15
ResetTimeDelay 11
ScreenShotName "UT2004Thumbnails.OnslaughtShots"
TeamAIType[0] Class'Onslaught.ONSTeamAI'
TeamAIType[1] Class'Onslaught.ONSTeamAI'



name BaseNode 
array<name> LinkedNodes 


Static events


static event bool AcceptPlayInfoProperty (string PropertyName)

Overrides: TeamGame.AcceptPlayInfoProperty


static event string GetDescriptionText (string PropName)

Overrides: TeamGame.GetDescriptionText

Other static functions


static function bool AllowMutator (string MutatorClassName)

Overrides: GameInfo.AllowMutator


static simulated function bool ExistsLinkPathTo (ONSPowerCore Start, ONSPowerCore Destination, out array<ONSPowerCoreTraveled)


static function FillPlayInfo (PlayInfo PlayInfo)

Overrides: TeamGame.FillPlayInfo


static function array<stringGetAllLoadHints (optional bool bThisClassOnly)

Overrides: TeamGame.GetAllLoadHints


static function bool NeverAllowTransloc ()

Overrides: DeathMatch.NeverAllowTransloc


static function PrecacheGameAnnouncements (AnnouncerVoice V, bool bRewardSounds)

Overrides: TeamGame.PrecacheGameAnnouncements



event Destroyed ()

Overrides: GameInfo.Destroyed


event InitGame (string Options, out string Error)

Overrides: TeamGame.InitGame


event PostBeginPlay ()

Overrides: TeamGame.PostBeginPlay


event PostLogin (PlayerController NewPlayer)

Overrides: TeamGame.PostLogin


event SetGrammar ()

Overrides: TeamGame.SetGrammar


event SetInitialState ()

Overrides: Actor.SetInitialState

Other instance functions

See ONSOnslaughtGame instance functions.




event Timer ()

Overrides: DeathMatch.MatchInProgress.Timer