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Default.ini File in your UT2004\System Directory

Contains settings which are used for creating the UT2004.ini on your first run of the game. Thats why you'll find this file is very similar to UT2004.ini].

The Default.ini is also used when creating a mod using the mod system included with UT2k4.This file will contains all links required to run custom content in your modification using the -mod= switch. Although use of the mod system is not required it is recommended.

Using Default.ini to Compile with mod Support.

To compile your mod using the -mod= commandline switch you must first create a Default.ini in your UT2k4Dir\ModRootDir\System.


I have provided this template below as a guide, to use it simply replace YourMod with your modification's directory, please be consistant. Also replace the mod ModServerPackage and the ModEditPackage packages with your own, you do not need to replace server packages if you arn't going to use your mod online. You can use more than one package in this file just replicate the ServerPackages= and/or EditPackages= as many times is needed.

Merging and Operators

When you compile or run with the -mod= commandline switch YourMod\System\Default.ini file will be merged with the current UT2004.ini in your UT2004\System directory and a new ini file will be created in your YourMod\System and will have the same name as the YourMod. If no UT2004.ini is present the resultant ini file will be created from merging Default.ini in the in your UT2004\System directory and the one from YourMod\System.

The + and - are operators (Reffered to on UDN as modifiers) these are used to add and subtract Keys (Dynamic Arrays) like Paths, ServerPackages, EditPackages from the current UT2004.ini.
-Paths=../Textures/.utx – This for example, would remove the original texture package directory from the resultant Mod.ini File.

If no operator exists, one of two things will happen:
  1. If the key already exists the value of the key will be overwritten by the new value.
  2. If the key does not exist, the key and value will be added.

Using the ; before a key or operator will add the key to the ini but it will be commented out. So you can add values that you may use but dont use often etc and remove the ; from your YourMod.ini
Another good technique for speeding compile times is to use and for supressing packages in the YourMod.ini.
This technique can also be used for the Default.ini:
+;EditPackages=YourModPackage or ;EditPackages=YourModPackage

Keys get processed in the order they appear, This can be useful as in the following:
This is actually recommended because all cache files will be placed in the first CacheRecordPath found. Since this removes the CacheRecordPath used by UT2k4 then inserts the mods CacheRecordPath followed by the UT2k4 one this means the mods Path will appear before UT2k4's in YourMod.ini.


  • Trying to modify the UT2k4\SaveDirwill make the game crash instead you can set UT2K4SP_Main.default.ProfilePrefix="Mod_" and it will keep you save games seperate from in the ModRootDir\Saves dir.-Paths=../Saves/*.uvx
  • Things not to do when creating a deafult.ini
    • You have been able to change the MusicPath since 3204. Since Beta 3229+ MusicPath has become an Array and you can set it up like:


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