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Unreal Wiki is a project where many people are working on many things at the same time. People may get bored working on one thing and might decide to stop and do other things. Sometimes people even forget that they started working on something or deliberately stopped due to lack of time or knowledge. In such a case, they usually leave the article they worked on in an unsatisfying state and some kind of cleanup needs to be done by other editors.

Types of cleanup

Articles lacking information

Very short articles are usually stubs.

If an article lacking information is too long to be called a "stub", often only a certain section needs to be expanded. If you can't provide additional information for the section, you can tag it with {{sectstub}} so others can find it. If the article is lacking information in general, tag it with {{expand}} instead.

Duplicate articles

The MediaWiki software the Unreal Wiki runs on distinguishes between upper and lower case page names. Sometimes this causes pages about the same thing to be created in different capitalizations. In other cases, multiple pages with different spelling may be created.

Such duplicate pages should be merged and all but one should redirect to the page the merged content is stored on. Page merging should be discussed on either page's discussion page. After consensus is reached about which page the content should eventually end up on, editors should merge the content into that target page. After merging is complete, the other pages should be changed to redirect to the target page. Resulting double redirects, i.e. redirect pages pointing to the new redirect pages, should be changed to point to the final content page directly.


If page content was added by new users or just copied from external sources (remember our licence policy before doing this!), it often lacks Wiki markup. If you have the time, please clean up the page by adding or converting markup appropriately. Otherwise tag the page with {{wikify}} to put it in Category:Pages needing wikification.


Main article: Project:Vandalism

Unfortunately not every visitor to Unreal Wiki edits pages with the intend of improving it. Some low-life users edit pages to insert garbage, profanity or advertisements. Such edits should be reverted immediately without any further discussion.

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