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About Me

If it has to do with programming, logic, debate or religion I am probably your guy.

I got my start in game and gameplay programming on the HL2: Source engine, where I began work on what is now Solarity, where I spent a good couple of years getting comfortable with C++ and the concepts behind game engines. While there I made a name for myself as a tutorial author and lead developer, writing more than 50 tutorials on topics spanning most areas of the Source Engine, and working on or contributing to some 15+ mods. I am also the developer behind the OBJ2SMD exporter, which you can read about below.

I joined the Firearms: Source team and helped them release their 1.0 build in the summer of 2010. We were mostly green but quite driven and even solved some very difficult bugs – one such bug lead to a pretty neat solution. Another was a non-controversy.

I moved to Unreal 3 as it was released, with a bit of experience on the Unreal 2k, where I started the process anew – networking and helping people out with piecing their game development dreams together in the mod community. I am the author of the Jump Mod, Speed Mod and Server Advertisements. I was a member of the discussion and documenting of the –mod switch and was quick to switch to the UDK platform as it evolved. In January 2009 I was brought onboard to help 3DBuzz with their book, writing what has become the Mastering UnrealScript - Interfaces page on the UDN.

Since the release of UDK I have spent the better part of my time working on gameplay and Scaleform development, answering questions on IRC and in the forums, and piecing together concepts for games to see how I like them.

My Projects


Name Role Info
UDK: ReDeX Contributor
Solarity Lead Developer Futuristic FPS
Logistica Lead Developer Futuristic RTS
BetterTech Lead Developer Innovation & Organization in a game. Build your own business and succeed in a world where only you can decide on who your opponents are.
Firearms: Source Programmer Firearms: Source is a high adrenaline First Person Shooter that emphasizes precision aiming, high mobility, and team-based strategy.
Project: White Lead Developer It is set in a star system on the verge of destruction, as its sun is caught up in the throes of a chain of supernovae. The colonies of this system have months till exodus, but which colonies will be included?
Birthstar: Frontline Lead Programmer A Future Warfare Simulator™, incorporating elements of FPS, RTS, RPG and Tactical Simulation games to create a cohesive and well-rounded gameplay experience that will cater to many different play-styles.

Video Examples

Interactive Kiosks
Working Kiosks
Wondertool Collision Detection
Push & Territorial Gameplay
UT3 JumpMod
MonStar preview


Name Overview
OBJ2SMD Convert an OBJ mesh exported from most any modeling platform to an SMD for HL2: Source import without having to touch a *.QC File
UnrealScript Scheme for PN2 UnrealScript Highlighting for Programmers NotePad 2

Authorship & Tutorials

Title Overview
Mastering UnrealScript: Interfaces The reworked chapter i helped write, on Interfaces, for the unreleased 3DBuzz Mastering UnrealScript Book
Interactive Kiosks in UDK P1 P2 tutorial on how to build an interactive kiosk using scaleform, a render target and an interface
A User Login System for UDK tutorial on how to create a user system using the TCPLink and a few delegates
Mod Switch – Introduction & First Steps Introduction to setting up your project to work with the UT3 Mod Switch
Mod Switch – Configuration Walkthrough Walkthrough of how to setup the configuration of your UT3 Mod
Mod Switch – Menu Classes and Datastore Needs Walkthrough of how to setup the configuration of your UT3 Mod
Mod Switch – Frontend Map and UIScenes Setting up the front end map and GUI for the landing scene
Mod Switch – Localizing the Main Menu is not that hard Walkthrough of how to localize the main menu
Mod Switch 2.0 Update Short piece on the 2.0 updates


With my internship behind me I am currently looking for a job in the game development world. If you are interested in hiring me, or interviewing if you insist, my email address is the best route to setting that up.