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About Me

The full nickname would be Crusha K. Rool, derived from that crocodile-villain from "Donkey Kong", but I prefer Crusha after all.

Since I am dedicated and addicted to UT2004's Onslaught gametype, I once started to get myself familiar with the Unreal Editor 3 and stuck with it down to the present day.

I am studying computer science at the moment and work in my spare time as coder for UDK projects, currently for Firehazard Studio.

Whenever I have some time between that, I try to improve my UltimateMappingTools (see below) or even do some mapping to help the UT2004 community to keep this marvelous game alive for more years to come.




UltimateMappingTools is a toolset started by me with the goal to gather all useful UT2k4-actors out there in one package to give level designers everything they could ever wish to do right at their hand. Several coders have contributed their work to it. I say "thank you" to all of them.

See this page for a full reference: UltimateMappingTools


DynamicWeather is a toolset by MarZer that contains a whole bunch of actors to put more atmosphere into maps by controlling the natural forces. It is also included in my UltimateMappingTools.

I am NOT the creator of this actors, they are all done by Mark 'MarZer' Gillard. I just put the descriptions on my User page because User pages have some functionality for sub-pages that doesn't exist in other namespaces.

See this page for a full reference: DynamicWeather



UltimateSaveSystem is a ready-to-use solution for writing and reading variables from UnrealScript or Kismet into and from binary files, using unique names to find the value in the file. It is capable of saving Integer, Float, Boolean, Vector and String variables (with unlimited length).

See this page for a full reference: UltimateSaveSystem

Note: Epic provided their own solution in the meanwhile, so you should rather use their BasicSaveObject() and BasicLoadObject() as those are compatible with every platform the UDK deploys to and don't rely on DLLBind.


This is a framework for creating menus, buttons and other components entirely in UnrealScript with the Canvas instead of having to rely on Scaleform, which requires expensive third-party tools such as Adobe Flash Professional.

I started this on my own and turned it into an open source SVN repository to improve it with anyone in the community willing to contribute.

You can download, contribute and find more information about it here.


I early specialized in technically and gameplay-related fine-tuning existing maps (with the author's permission) rather than creating much own stuff, so most of the maps in my "portfolio" owe their being to other guys.



Original Thread

This is a conversion of CTF-Rail to ONS, featuring a lot of NV-mayhem in a narrow corridor-like map with three different levels for Z-axis gameplay and toggleable doors at the Prime Nodes.


Original Thread

This is a conversion of CTF-Ameliorate to ONS, featuring two opposed residences in a sunset scene with a central island surrounded by a canalization and 4 storage halls. The map is mainly NV, except four Mantas.


Original Thread

This is a conversion of JB-SavoIsland to ONS and a co-production with Kentaro. The NV-match takes place on a beautiful South Sea island that allows to choose between a fight along the flat beaches or through the hilly inland.


Original Thread

This map was mainly created by VK especially for our ONS-server, but I put a lot of technical and visual fine-tuning into it, so I think it's worth being mentioned here. Gameplay is crazy, many )o(-vehicles and superweapons and narrow space.


Original Thread

Again another map from VK for our server to which I contributed much fine-tuning. This one is not as narrow as the other one (actually it allows a lot of distance fights in vehicles and Z-axis gameplay), but is not less chaotic. ;)


Original Thread

A rebuild of the UT3-map WAR-TankCrossing for ONS from scratch. The BSP was done by Sanch3z, following the original as accurately as possible, I was responsible for everything else (StaticMeshes, lighting, bot paths, pickups, etc.).

The map uses UltimateDestructibleEnvironment from my MappingTools for destroyable barricades to achieve the same effect as in the original.


Original Thread

A rebuild of the UT3-map WAR-TankCrossing for ONS from scratch. The map is still in alpha phase but will feature some intense fights about the control of the single Center Node and the escorting of a team's tank to the enemy PowerCore.


An NV-map that currently only exists as concept. It will be one of the very few maps that makes excessive use of the Escher Physics Mutator (and thus won't work with any bots).

This was only a small selection from the map's I've been working on, but the other's don't have that many noticeable changes or are not supposed


You can contact me in these forums:

Gametracker (German site)

Titan Onslaught


Vehicle Masters

Epic Games Forums