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Original code idea by Wormbo

UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Info >> LevelGameRules >> EnhancedLevelGameRules (custom)

Additionally to the functionality of the normal LevelGameRules, this one can also forbid certain Mutators in the map, even if the server has chosen them.

For instance if you map would be exploited with the Stunt Mutator, you can disable it here completely.


Property group 'EnhancedLevelGameRules'


Type: array<name>

The class name of the Mutator that you want to forbid.

Instance functions


function UpdateGame (GameInfo G)

Overrides: LevelGameRules.UpdateGame

Iterate the Mutator list and check if there is a Mutator that we want to forbid. IsA(*Array Entry*) will be used to check for them. Mutators with GroupName "Security" are left alone, although really crucial ones won't even bother about that.