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by Crusha K. Rool

UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Triggers >> EventGate >> NodeDamageGate (custom)

This actor deals the specified amount of damage to an ONSPowerCore (or a subclass) when being triggered.


Property group 'Events'


Type: name

Triggering this Tag will cause the actor to deal the damage once. The Instigator of the Event will be rewarded with the score for damaging the objective as if he would have attacked it directly.

Property group 'NodeDamageGate'


Type: int

How much damage to deal.

A PowerCore has a DamageCapacity of 4500, so a Damage of 45 equals 1% of it's health. A default Node has a DamageCapacity of 2000.


Type: bool

Broadcast text messages to the HUD like "Blue PowerNode is critical". This also plays the matching sound message.


Type: class<ONSPowerCore>

Modifiers: EdFindable

Select the target objective in the editor that shall be damaged.


Type: class<ONSPowerCore>

Modifiers: EdFindable

You maybe want to take care of swapping teamsides on a Reset, so specify a target for the normal round and one for the swapped round.

You won't need to do this if you use inputs that already consider swapped sides, like NodeEventDirectors. In that case just enter the same object for both entries

Author comments

If you use a CountdownEventGate then I recommend to write a message there. It *could* be annoying to have too many messages due to too much looping of the Countdown to cause damage. I recommend to have two separate Countdowns, if necessary: one for the messages and the *long* Countdown and another one to do the looping without messages until the first one gets untriggered.

If you wish this to deal only a little amount of damage every X seconds until a certain Event is untriggered, then use this actor in combination with a looping CountdownEventGate.