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by Wormbo and Crusha K. Rool

UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Info >> ZoneInfo >> UltimateSkyZoneInfo (custom)

Don't get confused by the name, this actor is supposed to be used instead of a ZoneInfo and not instead of a SkyZoneInfo!

This is an enhanced version Wormbo's SelectableSkyZoneInfo. It allows to choose which skybox can be seen from the current Zone (including the ability to have different skyboxes with different detail levels to choose from) and additionally to specify completely different skyboxes from which one is chosen randomly at the beginning of the match, resulting in the ability to play the same map in a completely different environment each time you play it.

Property group 'UltimateSkyZoneInfo'


Type: array<_SkyZones>

These are combinations of properties that belong to one possible set of a skybox to choose at match begin. See the struct below for more informations.

While one entry in the array is able to distinguish different detail levels of the same skybox, creating more than one entry in the array has the purpose to allow completely different skyboxes to be chosen for each match and thus should have a different Tags.

The skybox index to use in the current match is chosen on the server and afterwards replicated to the clients, so be assured that every player in an online match will use the same skybox design, though it may vary in level of detail.


Type: name

Each UltimateSkyZoneInfo that has this Tag set in their properties will use the array index that was used in this actor, so it's possible to create a whole set of actors that belong together when the index is chosen randomly. You should link all UltimateSkyZoneInfos together, from which one can see the same sky, otherwise you might see another sky once you step into another Zone (unless you use only one array entry anyway).

You should set this Tag for all UltimateSkyZoneInfos that belong together, as we can't be sure which one is checked first.

Struct '_SkyZones'


Type: name

The Tag name of the SkyZoneInfo(s) to use. You don't want to leave this blank or it might break your skybox.

Multiple SkyZoneInfos can have the same Tag, but they should have different WorldDetail levels (bHighDetail for normal WorldDetail and bSuperHighDetail for high WorldDetail and none of them for low WorldDetail). So in general you don't want to have more than three SkyZoneInfos with the same Tag. The correct skybox is then chosen for each player individually, basing on his settings.


Type: color

With the ability to create multiple but completely different skyboxes for a map, you may find that the DistanceFogColor of one sky is really bad for culling things in another sky. That's why this actor doesn't use the DistanceFogColor settings you specify at the usual place but instead this one, depending on the chosen skybox.

You can still use the normal DistanceFogColor settings to see a realtime preview of your changes, but afterwards you need to enter the values here.

The other DistanceFog-related settings like the Distance are still set up as usual.


Type: name

This Event is triggered right at the beginning of the match when this skybox is selected.