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by Crusha K. Rool

UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Triggers >> EventGate >> UnTriggerEventGate (custom)

This actor turns the incoming UnTriggerEvents into TriggerEvents or the other way around. You can decide whether the other uncasted Event-type should pass or be stopped.

Do not confuse this with the LogicalNOT, which will do the work in both directions all the time. This one is thought for the case that the destination of the chain of Events understands only multiple TriggerEvents, but no UnTriggerEvents.


Property group 'Events'


Type: name

The incoming Event that will be processed.


Type: name

This Event will be (un)triggered next, depending on the operations that shall be performed on the input.

Property group 'UnTriggerEventGate'


Type: bool

If True, this gate works in the other direction.


Type: bool

Won't let the (Un)Trigger-event that is not casted pass. The chain of Events will simply stop here.


Type: bool

This is best described with an example:

If only UnTriggerEvents come in, this will do the following:

UnTriggerEvent - TriggerEvent - UnTriggerEvent - TriggerEvent - …

If bTriggerToUntrigger is True and TriggerEvents come in, this will do:

TriggerEvent - UnTriggerEvent - TriggerEvent - …