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Welcome to Eliot's UnrealWiki page. I'm known for the Trials community modding work that I've done for Unreal Tournament 2004.

This page is a collection of UT2004 mods I have made or contributed.


Website - Resume, Blog, Forum, and Portfolio
Eliot on Epic Games Forums


LevelConfigManager (2006-2009)UT2004
An UnrealEd Mutator allowing you to modify the map gameplay to your choice.
Comment: This is a very often used mutator in Assault Trial maps and is usually a must use today; mainly because of the DefaultWeapons feature.
MutNoAutoFire (2006-2009)(w/source)UT2004
Replaces those annoying ShieldGun's that auto fire when being close to a player of your team, Note:Replaces the pawn class if it is xpawn or UTComp_Pawn, will not function properly if other mutators replacing the pawn class are running!
Comment: This is a very often used mutator in Assault Trial servers because this mutator fixes common exploits of the game such as movers not moving anymore in some cases and as well kills people that try to glitch through idling movers(such as non-complex doors), this mutator as well lets you configure the color of the ShieldGun and let you choose your own suicide message and many more.
Credits: .:..: for contributing ideas and features.
MutBestTimes (2005-2012)UT2004
Records Best MapTime completion, Player Rankings, Website stats(Example), Client Spawn and (Solo Trial mode, Group Trial mode support) and many more small features.
Comment: Private trials mutator for my favorite servers.
Credits: .:..: he made the very first version/s(2005-2006) of this mutator then retired, which I continued then(2007), Gugi for fixing some iteration issue in the custom VotingHandler that they experienced only on their server.
Stats: WebBTimes An UnrealScript generated page displaying all map records on the web.
AccessPlus (2006)UT2004
An administrator mutator. AccessPlus was an admin utility designed for the once called UT2X community server. AccessPlus was based on AdminPlus, adding dozen more admin commands to manage your server.
What made AccessPlus unique is that it keeps track of all players connecting to the server and each of his/her alias name, upon connecting every name ever used will be to displayed to the server players and admins. Additionally the server will alert when a player connecting is downloading a file directly from the server, which is useful because it is an indication that a file is not redirected, the file being downloaded will be messaged.
MultiDodgeShieldGun (2007)UT2004
This gun is an extension of the modified ShieldGun of MutNoAutoFire, the difference is that whenever you hit a wall you will be able to dodge once again, the purpose of this is to make it possible for mappers to make more new and fresh Trial maps for dedicated players.
Comment: This mod has a hardcoded dependency on a specific version of MutNoAutoFire; the version of this mod is equal to the mutator version it depends on.
Credits: .:..: for an replication issue and Lt.Ryan for the idea suggestion.
MutDodgeJump (2007)(w/source)UT3
Allows players to jump again after they have dodged once (optional).
Comment: MutDodgeJump was the first second mutator released for UT3. The mutator was very well accepted by the community however old-skool players from UT did not for obvious reasons.
Credits: Mysterial for explaining some replication.
Discussion DodgeJump on Epic Games forums
UTTrials (17-11-2007)UT3
This was the awaited Trials gametype for UT3 which was unfortunately canceled due the lack of UT3 interest. This gametype adds back the Objectives system of Assault to UT3 for usage in Trial maps. The gametype supports records, DodgeJump, Enhanced ImpactHammer, Enhanced Scoreboard(and HUD) and many other essential features that UT3 Trials might have liked as well introducing a new Trial mode such as Survival, the gametype was planned to support 3 Trial modes: Solo(Like BT), Team(Like UT2K4) and Survival(New).
MutXMasPresents (2007)(w/source)UT3
Presents from Santa will be available throughout the maps played on your server.
Credits: Vincent for making the meshes provided with this mutator.
Discussion: MutXMasPresents on Epic Games forums
MutEmoticons (2007)UT2004
Replaces the current played gametype HUD with a SmileyHud which replaces common used text smileys such as ':)' to a smiley image like on chat programs such as MSN.
Credits: .:..: The HUD code was written by him for his Unreal 1 port and InvasionX which I converted to a mutator with replicated configurable smileys.
Discussion: MutEmoticons on Epic Games forums
MutCacheExtractor (2009)(w/source)UT2004
Lets you extract cache files from within the game even online!
Comment: This is a mutator that should be hosted on the server.
Discussion: MutCacheExtractor on Epic Games forums
TrialGroup ((21-29)-04-2010)(w/source)UT2004
Provides functionality for mappers to integrate a group system which an external mutator is supposed to support for actually usage.
Comment: Provides several actors for trial mappers to make a team-trial map possible without cheating.
MomentumReflectorGun ((3-6)-07-2010)UT2004
The Momentum Reflector Gun is a subclass of the LinkGun but instead of killing opponents, the gun is used to climb upon walls using precise aiming that may or may not require advanced skills depending on the challenge available in Trial maps.
Comment: This gun is a imitation of the Quake 3 Plasma Gun, for the use of wall climbing see: Weapon Techniques.
MutEquipmentLevel (13-09-2010)UT2004
This mutator removes all the initial weapons you spawn with, except for the ShieldGun. Once a kill is made you will lose the ShieldGun and earn the AssaultRifle and so on. Once you suicide(or accident) you de-level meaning you'd lose the AssaultRifle and start again with the ShieldGun, you as well lose your score. Winning is not affected by this mutator.
TrialGroup_Extra (20-03-2011)UT2004
See above: TrialGroup. Adds an additional GroupLinkedTriggerVolume for TrialGroup Level Designers. This volume provides the L.D the ability to make more complex challenges for Group Trial players, by linking several volumes together which all have to be filled with a partition of the players of that group in order to trigger the event and move on to the followed up challenge.

UT2004 Maps

AS-MD-Scorpion-Escape (2004)

Description: An normal assault story map where you start off with vehicles(the scorpions) where you have to break through several blocking environments such as crates that are blocking the drivers path, as well survive from the defenders that try make you fail.
Versions: Beta(1,2,3,4,5).
Credits: Jamie1224 for adding bot support and tweaking minor things.
Discussion: AS-MD-Scorpion-Escape-Beta5 on Epic Games forums

AS-RoomTrials originally named AS-MD-RoomTrials (2004)

Description: In this trials level you have to solve several trial rooms to escape the building.
Versions: Beta(2,3,4,5,6,7), V1, V2 and V3.
Influences: In early versions there was a glitch which allowed you to land on the top of spikes, it was meant to wall dodge over these however soon hqf found out you can glitch those spikes and thus was later used on purpose in his map AS-TheEgyptianPyramid, from there on this became a basic idea used in many trial maps.
Discussion: AS-MD-RoomTrials-V1 on Epic Games forums or AS-MD-RoomTrials-Beta5 on Epic Games forums, hehe good times...

AS-LifeTrials originally named AS-MD-LifeTrials (2005)

Versions: V1 and V1B.

AS-Antaro-Trial (2005)

AS-Fact-Trial (2005)

AS-Mayan-Secret-UG-Trials (2006)

Versions: Beta(01,02,03,04)

AS-AbaddonTrials (2006)

Description: Solve the challenges of Abaddon!
Custom Dependencies: DPM2Base, AbaddonShield and EliotTFAMap.

AS-EgyptianRoomTrials (2006)

AS-ShieldGunTech (2006)

Description: Complete the 6 challenges with the ShieldGun!
Versions: V1, V1-Fixed and Final.

AS-ShieldGunBase (2006)

Description: Complete the 4 challenges with the ShieldGun!
Versions: V(1,2,2-Easy,3,4,4B).
Credits: Mr Evil for BootsOfJumping.

AS-PortalTrials (2006)

Description: Solve some complex thinking challenges with the PortalGun!
Credits: Shambler for making the PortalGun, see PortalGun.

AS-Constructor-BuildZone_Alpha (2006)

Description: This was the first UT2004 map where you could create things with the mutator ConstructorGun!
Versions: Alpha, V2-Night and V2B-Night.
Credits: .:..: for making the ConstructorGun and expanding this map by adding an outside.

AS-ShieldGunSensitivity (2007)

Description: Complete the 4 challenges with the ShieldGun!, but in this one you must watch out for dangerous surfaces!

AS-BloodOnTheFloor (2008)

Description: A very hard trial challenge for high-end players!

AS-QuickChallenge-NAME-NUMBER Series (2008)

Description: Short challenges made for the purpose of setting time records.

AS-BlackHeaven (2009)

Description: A very hard trial challenge for high-end players!

AS-Solo-Eliot'sTrial (2009)

Description: Mystic abaddon trial base in the darkness, found on the planet AbissoDno.
Credits: iMouNdeee, Billa, Vinc3h and f`.
Download Mirrors:
* Download from Depedencies not included!
Custom Dependencies: LevelConfigManagerV2C, LevelConfigManagerV2E, DoorsMod, AmbModern and DoorsAnc.

AS-Solo-TechChallenge-NUMBER Series (2009)

Description: Short challenges made for the purpose of setting time records.

AS-Solo-CratesBase (2009)

Description: A really short map made for the purpose of setting time records.



TechTexPackage is a simple theme originally designed for AS-ShieldGunTech which shortly became very popular and is used today on almost every new trials map, some people call it as the Trials Theme because it fits trials very well, though this theme is perfectly usable for any other gametypes.

Most of the content in the texture packages are Shaders which are usually based on the base texture with an added special effect that is self-made or standard from the UT2004 packages such as XEffectMat etc, all texture resolutions are max 512x512.

TechTexPackage (2.461KB) (2006)

Textures: 17, most are build upon the base texture included in this package, this applies as well to the other TechPackages.

TechTexPackage2 (2.397KB) (2007)

Textures: 12.
Custom Dependencies: TechTexPackage.

TechTexPackage3 (2.054KB) (2007)

Textures: 12.
Custom Dependencies: TechTexPackage.

TechTexPackage4 (2.052KB) (2007)

Textures: 3.
Custom Dependencies: TechTexPackage and TechTexPackage3.

TechTexPackage5 (5.153KB) (2008-2009)

Textures: 26.
Custom Dependencies: TechTexPackage, TechTexPackage2, TechTexPackage3 and TechTexPackage4.

TechTexPackage6 (2.051KB) (unreleased) (2010)

Textures: 7.
Custom Dependencies: TechTexPackage.

Credits: Epic Games because many stock textures were merged together to make certain themes fit together with this theme, Billa for contributing Shaders and suggesting design ideas. Download Mirrors:

* Download from


* Screen 1 of Tech Textures in use inc the MutBestTimes scoreboard
* Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4 Screen 5 Screen 6 Screen 7
* Screen 8 Screen 9 Screen 10 Screen 11 Screen 12 Screen 13 Screen 14
TechTexPackage 1
* Screen 1 Screen 2




UE Explorer

See UE Explorer

Purpose: The purpose of this application was to learn C#, .NET and especially the UnrealPackage format.