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About me

Jrubzjeknf, ingame Nova^ and in real life: Robin van Olst.

I started coding for UT2004 in 2005, and I've been doing it ever since, though I only create things that will actually be used. I've always had the urge: if it's not used, it's useless. That's also why I don't create something solely for learning purposes - I prefer to create something useful that will teach me as well.



I've created some versions of default UT2k4-Actors that work for one team only.

They can be found on the website above, but here is the code documentation on the wiki: TeamSpecificActors

Guestbook / Comments

Jrubzjeknf: Need to add a couple of things, but that will happen over time. For now, welcome to my very own UnrealWiki page. :D