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EricBlade: Please allow me to comment on the UT2007 rant, if I may. Thank you :) (and some of it may just be inspired by your rant)

First, I'd like to say, that since entering the gaming mod community from the side as I have since January, that at least as far as Unreal and Unreal Engine games go, it is a -waaaay- different community than it has been in the past. As back in the days of Doom, Doom 2, Hexen, and Heretic, when you had different games that ran on the same engine, people often shared the source data that was used to get to a point, as well as the actual packages that brought the games there. What I'm saying is that if there were still the same attitude amongst modders now that there was 10-12 years ago, there would be a large quantity of texture data, of ready-to-import ASE files, of properly-mixed WAVs, ranging in quality from total n00b created, to aspiring professional quality, of PSAs and PSKs, ready to import... but, that sense of community amongst the modders, for the most part, isn't here. (There are some people who do share just about anything they've created, but not many)

Second, I'd like to say that unless the entire lighting and scripting systems have been ripped out, mangled, and put back together into some reasonable, sensible form, then the engine will still be containing obvious baggage from 1997 or whenever it was that Unreal I was developed.

Third, if the scripting system hasn't been re-written and some major changes made to how some things work, then they'd best have re=written the entire base Uscript code from scratch, using some more intelligent designs to it.

00zX: Ahh thanks for your comment, I should have mentioned somewhere on the page that anyone is moer then free to rant or comment on my rants ;)

I can see where your coming from fully on this though, its very hard to find people willing to help these days. Coders it seems are the worst, not directing this at anyone, but yeah Ive said to a few people I'll help you code something and they are like omg really thats awsome. I dunno its easier to find coders if you are one I guess :p

I also agree about sharing, once UC2004 is publically released the source is going to be available for anyone to use as long as you keep the original header intact, you can add your name etc to where you edited it but its mainly so if I look at someones work after modifying mine I know where the changes are. It'll be the same with any of the level mehses and textures, since the meshes are made by the team I'll make sure they all understand that people can reuse them with their own maps, the textures are epics so we cant really limit anyone there. One thing is though is that the mod be distrobuted as is, so if you use any single part you still have to make sure people have the mod. Also if someone wants to use a single part they can contact us and we'll talk it over to see if they can redistribute it.

Its not so much a problem with people using our work but a quality control issue, if things are packaged and distributed the way we intended then we wont get people coming to us complaining etc

About the engine, Im guessing the lighting and scripting system has infact been redone. The uscript was nodoubt updated to match and alot of it might have been cleaned up. UT2k4's source was pretty messy but 2k7 will hopefully improve that going back to something more along the lines of 2k3's source. There is files in the source that date back to 2001, things like actor and object have been around since day 1 although they are updated to each build. You wouldnt happen to be talking about the left over lighting stuff from UT in 2k3/4 by any chance? hehe