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Hi, Mike Here aka LiKeMiKeS
I have found that if you structure your search terms effectively, you can find just about anything - here or on the web.

My suggestion to you would be to hang out in the VTM video tutorial section @, they answer many specific questions concerning all aspects of the Unreal Engine, and maybe even ask a few question in the forums there, and as Wormbo suggested - on other related UT2004 forums.

As far as your lighting question goes, did you find an answer?
Because you will run into abstract effects when any connecting BSP, volumes, zones & zoneInfo actors have conflicting values in their properties for the same zone or objects in a zone. The engine I believe uses the last occurrence of any specific setting. So If you have two identical actors in the same zone that affect that zones appearance, normally the last one in the list of settings is used to change the zone.

You might also get used to the copy/paste method for finding & correcting similar errors, to compare like values in Notepad - just copy an actor and paste it into Notepad to see the textual structure of the actors property info, just search through the text for different values.