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Basic Procedure pages are small tutorials which cover simple tasks in UnrealEd that can be easily linked to from tutorials. This saves the bother of explaining over and over again how to add an actor, choose a resource, and so on. For example, instead of:

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you can just write:

The innerbox template is only supposed to be used by the converted content imported into the Legacy: namespace. You might be looking for the Quote template instead.

Doing this keeps the wiki usable by people of all skill levels.

  • Beginners who don't know how to do this can follow the link, and the Add an Actor page will explain everything in simple steps, with screenshots and everything.
  • Intermediate users can go to refresh their memory if they like.
  • Experienced users can just skip it. :)

The page names are chosen so they can flow into the text of a tutorial as above; the list below shows how. Feel free to suggest new pages here.

Some items in lists below have a subitem which you can easily select & copy to a page you're working on.

See also Guidelines On Tutorials.


Overview pages

These aren't "procedures" as such, but it's a good idea to link to these as "prerequisites" at the start of a tutorial.

Working with actors

[[Legacy:Add An Actor|Add an actor]] >> Foo >> Bar to the map
[[Legacy:Set The Following Properties|Set the following properties]] of the Trigger: (then list the properties and values)
[[Legacy:Set The Resource Property|Set the resource property]] LevelInfo -> Screenshot to texture Package.MyPicture
Place a TriggerLight, and a Switch – then [[Legacy:Match These Tags|match these tags]]: TriggeredLight.Tag and Switch.Event

Working with resources

[[Legacy:Import The Texture|Import the texture]] MyPants.bmp and set: (list of package, group etc. remember to link MyLevel if mentioned)

Working with geometry and lighting and other mapping procedures


[[Legacy:Set Up Package Folders|Set Up Package Folders]] with the base name "mymod"
[[Legacy:Create A Subclass|Create a subclass]] of the GameInfo class...
[[Legacy:Add EditPackage|Add EditPackage]] '''Package'''

Suggestions for future pages

And what to call them, etc. We should aim for names that can be smoothly linked into the text of a tutorial (see the above page links as examples).

Rotate the actor 
I keep seeing stuff about making actors point somewhere, and the explanation is always a bit lengthy. Eg Adding Sunlight.
Something about working with dynamic arrays 
This basic procedure should explain how to work with dynamic array properties like ManualExcludes in ZoneInfo, Emitters in Emitter or ColorScale in ParticleEmitter.
I'll work on it – tarquin
Ok, that's editinline, but what about dynamic arrays? Those are two completely different things. ParticleEmitter -> Color -> ColorScale for example is a dynamic array of structs without the editinline stuff. – Wormbo

Tarquin: I took some shots of Display -> Skin too. I'll upload those tomorrow – I have to make them into PNGs first. :)

Tarquin: Wormbo – what page title for the dynamic array thing? Edit the dynamic array?

Wormbo: That's a good question. How do mappers call this type of property list?

Chip: I just call it a property list :) But explaining that it's an editable dynamic array is more concise, with perhaps a link referring to the Editability section of UnrealScript Language Reference/Variables, where an example could be added?

Tarquin: how about "Extend the dynamic array and set the resource properties ... etc

Wormbo: Sounds good to me. So for the Emitter page it would be something like "Extend the dynamic array 'Emitters' and add an inline object of the desired ParticleEmitter subclass."
I've already uploaded some images (interface-Ed3-inlineobjects-*, interface-Ed3-arrays-* and interface-Ed3-propertywidgets-*, see image uploader) for another page I'm working on. I'm sure you could use some of those for the basic procedure pages.

Tarquin: add an inline object covers the array part too, I think (at least the pics do! :)

OlympusMons: Dunno if working with objects would be basic procedure material or not.

Unknown: (Reguarding the content at the top of the page) This is moronic advice. Including some redundant instructions will make this wiki better for those who most need to use it. The advice I see in here does not link to common tasks, and leaves the reader in the dark how to do basic things they take for granted.

SuperApe: I disagree, but please keep opinions in the discussion. Someone will eventually refactor.

Category:Legacy To Do – Last two items in the Basic Procedure list: Add A ZonePortal and Add A Zone. These are inheritantly linked. My guess is that they could be combined.